Sunday, February 25, 2007


* a couple friends and i started this crazy "random thread" through gmail. was supposed to be for the purpose of discussing some travelling arrangements, but it ended up being very very random. but amusing. haha.

* went to the sticky pix place -

there were more. just scanned these two.

* decided i'm in a painting phase. except i'm out of brushes. and everytime i go buy foam brushes they're sold out. so i paint with q-tips now.

* scrapped a bit.


for a swap with amy.

using up some AC before the new stuff comes in:

*speaking of pinkberry...took an impromptu trip there today.

* oh. so. grey's was really good the other day. i think i might watch it a third time. ha.

* my american idol viewing has continued beyond the audition rounds.

* that's all. :)

Thursday, February 22, 2007


i guess i did enough whining, eh? ;)
it seems like it always comes back when i whine enough about it. ha.

the goods -

(scrapjack of amber).

digi with a fun template and kit coming out at DD this weekend(

i also have....

printer ink finally. quite happy about that (so much that i took a picture of it. well, actually, i just liked how the colors looked. whoo) so i'm going to be printing a bunch of pictures off now. especially because i went through my files and noticed that i had a TON of unscrapped pictures from over the summer (specifically disneyland and norcal) that i've been meaning to work on.

i think i need to work on some assignments before it goes away again! :)
have a good one!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

"that girl is taking my picture"

didn't get to go out to caltech this weekend (next time), but we did have a boba outing. i took my camera along. which caused this girl at a nearby table to say "OMG. that girl is taking a picture of me."

um. okay. right. she wasn't even in my frame to begin with.
and why would i take a picture of some random girl sitting at some random table?
some people need to get over themselves.

anyways. i took these.

(my friend bought a burberry purse. i fondled it all night)

excuse the whining to follow, but my mojo has gone missing. which is really bothering me because i have something due tomorrow. hopefully this whining will force it to come out (it usually does).

Friday, February 16, 2007

friday friday.

saw a screening for breach today (yesterday, whatever). it was okay. the plot development was kind of slow. it had its good parts and bad parts. but ryan phillipe is hot, so whatever.

made another trip to the taco truck (see 2 posts below) to fulfill my craving. soooo good. and got another friend hooked. HA! my plan is working.

which means i missed grey's, but i had it taped and watched as soon as i got home!. holy WOW, that was freaking CRAZY and INTENSE. whoa. i have to watch again to process. but i noticed that next week's episode is titled "some kind of miracle" so taking that as a good sign of what's to come. but geez. i don't want to wait a week. hmph. i wish i worked for them just so i'd know what the storylines were! haha!

so i told linda that i'd watch the office (and i guess lost) if she'd watch grey's so i can discuss with her. but i do hear that the office is addicting.

took a target trip today. i want this -

i'm mostly putting this up here so that my cousin and i don't end up buying the same top AGAIN (it's happened twice already). and i want these too-

so anyways. my paper scrapping mojo has gone missing, but my digi mojo is there. sort of. or maybe i was just really grumpy yesterday -

but i hope my paper mojo comes back this weekend. because i want to tear paper and get glue all over my fingers and play.

also hoping to hang with the buddies this weekend (coming home for chinese new year and the long weekend) and drag them to caltech (i was inspired by this) for some fun pics. we'll see.

have a good one!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

brownie points.

i made brownies today.

(yes, i put them in muffin cups. the recipe told me to)

i was craving them.
but since linda isn't a big fan of them, i guess it can't be a part of our plan to take over the world. ha.

so valentine's schmalentine's. i think valentine's day is highly overrated. maybe i'm bitter. oh well. happy singles awareness to me! lol.

i believe spring training for the dodgers starts in 2 days. whoo hoo! can't wait for baseball season to be here!

speaking of the dodgers, they were at my school last week...but i did not know about it. therefore, i missed it. i was rather upset. hmph.

i start a new semester next tuesday. not looking forward to it. especially because my schedule isn't finalized yet? what is wrong with me?

i'm craving more of those taco truck tacos (see post below) again. this weekend we must make a run, since a bunch of my buddies are coming home for chinese new year.

got happy e-mail yesterday. let's just say, i've met my scrapping goals for the year. it's february. maybe i should make another one?

some LOs from the weekend -

hybrid. those are always fun.

a lift of Christinas at DD. she's the guest CT member this month, so we all lifted her. she does awesome stuff, so check her out.

that concludes my random thoughts for the day.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

good stuff.

1. taco truck. enough said. haven't had this stuff in awhile, and made a run tonight. i mean, this stuff is GOOD. here's a picture from a while ago to tempt ya-

2. i guess this is official now. soooo excited!

3. big sale/all day chat/crop event at DD today. i'm hosting a chat at either 9 am or 10 an PST (discrepancy in the schedule so i'm not sure yet (yeah i know. it's in like 8 hours), so come join me!! lots of fun to be had, and did you know you can win an epson printer? yeah. and lots of great new goodies coming out this weekend, too! whoo.

4. HMITM is making a comeback -

check the blog in a few hours for more details.

5. it's friday/saturday. what else can be better?

Sunday, February 04, 2007

pretty pretty flowers

i took a little stroll to the hutington library the other day (it's free on the first thursday of the month) to take pictures. they have these gorgeous botanical gardens (among other things, but i ran to the gardens).

can you tell i really liked the japanese blossoms? ha.
i need to go back next month.

i'm starting to really like shooting in manual now. even though half the time i forget to set some aspect of it (usually the white balance or ISO) and it takes me a while to figure out what's set wrong. still, it's fun. it's been just over a month since i got this baby, and i'm just LOVING it more every time i take it out for a whirl.

finally started feeling the scrapping mojo come back to me this weekend. here's a digi-

i also baked a batch of really yummy muffins on friday. apple cinammon. and my mission is to get the whole world addicted to them. or at least crave them. that's what me and linda try to do all the time (or at least to each other) ;)