Wednesday, January 31, 2007

CHA part 2

day two was walking the floor all day and looking around. my feet and shoulders were killing me by the end of the day (and now my right calf is seriously in pain). but it was fun!

me, wendy (cury girl!) and leslie (who is totally fab)

with tessa (she was totally sweet)

me, alexis and tracy in the dream street booth

me and elsie (who was really cool. and her booth was adorable)

me with jen (who designed a cool paper line) and katie from scrapsahoy.

me and rachel carlson who was the sweeeetest girl EVER.

i finally met nichole on monday, and we finally took a picture yesterday. i've been wanting to meet her forever. she was totally cool. loved her (we'll have to meet in norcal again!)

me and sonda, who was also really sweet.

okay. i'm sure you're dying to see product pictures, so here they are.
(you can click on the pics for a bigger view!)

autumn leaves

some stamps. there were several sets by katie and maryann from DD (which means i have the digi versions and don't have to buy them). also cool stuff from amy grendell and rhonna farrer.

basic grey

need i say more? i absolutely LOVED scarlet's letter even more in person. perhaps is gorgeous. phoebe is cute. and stella ruby wasn't really my cup of tea, but it was really, really pretty.

heidi grace

i the whole fiskars booth, which was huge...but i loved the heidi grace. there were like 700 new products, which explains all the photos. these were some of my favorites.

heidi swapp

love that the days journaling spots are coming out in two new colors (i have yet to use my black set, though. oops)! also loved these writer's block things...which are sort of like journaling spots, but bigger. loved the stickers too (you can see a little bit in one of the pics), which retail for 99 cents per thing. she also had cool stamps. and those playing cards...i love what she did with them.


amy butler fabric is now paper! loooooved it. some of it has glitter, some of it is textured. love those felt flowers too!

imagination project

i LOVED the IP embellishments...very cool! all of it! also thought the circus rose line was cool and loved this project essentials line!

making memories

totally in love with this funky vintage line. some of the papers are flocked. LOVED the embellishments too!

my mind's eye

LOVED LOVED LOVED tres jolie!! i wanted to steal it. haha. that line alone will have me broke. loved the papers - some pretty, some fun. and textured like wild asparagus. they also came with the die cut titles and stuff....transparency frames...border notecards/journaling blocks....and buttons. MME also had another line, signature life, which is an extension of the line they had at CHA-S.


this was the meadow bliss line...very pretty! the citrus kick line was awesome, too. and there was another line i liked but can't remember the name of (obviously, i didn't get photos, oops!). both were really colorful and fun!

sassafras lass

sassafras was FAB. loveee these colors and the patterns, too!!

other stuff i liked (but didn't take photos of, or thought there were already a bunch of photos floating around):
- american crafs. well, duh. i mentioned it yesterday, but it is 10x better in person. seriously. the papers are all lovely, and i loved the plastic stars. and flowers. and the felt thickers. and the chipboard thickers. okay, everything.
- elsie's line. adoooooorable!!!
- KI. loved the surprise line.
- hambly. loved the graph papers (which i have a few of, yay) and the mod flower rub-ons. and the stars. awesomeness.
- scenic route. i liked it when i saw the previews, but WAY better in person. especially the metropolis line. and savannah is awesome!
- tinkering ink. just really bold and great. the colors are WOW! a birdie told me that the summer release is even better and that it is "so me." can't wait to see it!
- fontwerks. loved the journaling tags!
- queen&co. the brads and little flower things were really cute. and the felt? FABULOUS.

i think that's it? i can't remember. lol. there was sooooo much!

and if i met you, i absolutely LOVED meeting you! it was totally cool meeting all these people!

Monday, January 29, 2007

CHA part 1

i really should be going to bed because i have to get up early again tomorrow, but i figured i'd post some pictures.

i got there and immediately felt really overwhelmed, so i ended up walking around with the TWTD crew. thanks kirsten, kristi, nisa and gen for letting me follow you around all day!

i didn't take that many today. tomorrow, there will be more!

gen, kristi, nisa, me and kirsten

me and ruth

the DD crew

i went to the MM reception and it was fun! met lots of people and the staff rocked (especially the editors from the book division).

me + debbie and may from my days on the SBA team (why is it that i met all these SBA girls AFTER our term? lol) and hillary h.

kitty is tall. i am short. so i stood on a chair...hahah

more tomorrow! i'm planning to walk the floor by myself tomorrow, taking everything in. should be slower tomorrow, so i should be okay.

oh, and the new american crafts is 10x more amazing in person. and it was pretty freaking amazing on the web to begin with!