Monday, December 31, 2007

we made pretend we were best friends

it's kind of ironic how i'm not a huge fan of las vegas, yet i go there so often (at least once a year). i think it's a so-cal thing. well, so-cal and asian thing.

anyways. it was cold, and the dryness of the dessert kept making my hair staticy (and therefore driving me insane), it was a fun, crazy trip. it involved: mcgriddles, jojos, stupid drivers, lexus spotting, buffet food, dressing up, wearing too much makeup, killing my feet, VIP lines, midori sours, cosmos, petron, wheelchairs, taxis, fake ciggies, crepes, stale baguettes, faux NY/parisian/italian-ness, "apple bottom jeans," crayon drawings, stumbling, dancing, potato bars, french desserts, a bathtub filled with ice, beyonce and chanel, oversized penguins, christmas decorations, fake high-rises, lots of laughing, lots of photos, a phantom wendy's, running into people from high school (who would've thought?!), hobo-ness, sleepy coffee, and not one cent put in the slots (or towards new shoes! we stopped by the outlet on the way back and i somehow did not buy a single thing. that's a first).

all in all, good times indeed.

some photographic evidence:

(i'm guessing that i must have at least 10 pictures of this ceiling, but i never tire of it)

i believe this will be my last blog entry of 2007. how is the year over? it was such a blur.

have a nice new years! :

Saturday, December 29, 2007

and i will walk on water..

i'm home. i'm exhausted.
i had 3 days of craziness, food, laughter, and walking, in which everything was a whirlwind.
i am currently buried under a pile of photos, e-mails and a to-do list. i'll post photos later.

meanwhile, the january studio calico kit debuted while i was gone. unfortunately, it also sold out in a flash. i must say that it was an amazing kit, though. i wasn't quite sure what to do with it, but once it clicked, the mojo flowed.

just wanted to share my LOs for the month:

be sure to check out the rest of the gallery...everything in there is just so inspiring. i want to scrap now!

have a good one :)

Monday, December 24, 2007

good tidings we bring to you and your kin

first of all: merry christmas!

secondly: i got that dress in my last post. hooray for secret santas.

thirdly: linda and family were in my hood today, so i met up with them to play paparazzi. well, actually we wanted to do this:

we *heart* jim (and yes, we might be a bit crazy. people kept passing by and staring, heh heh). i think we've gone from BDFs (best dodger friends) to BSFs (best shins friends), to BOFs (best office friends).

so after we got that out of the way, we went off to a shady (okay maybe not) alley to take pictures of the clan:

(e thought he was in jail, ha)

and then i made my slave assistant take some of the two of us:

good times.

i won't be home for a few days...have a lovely christmas and see you when i get back!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

spinning turning watching burning

it's rainy.

i've been to target waaaay too many times this week. everytime i make a trip, something else comes up that i have to make a return trip.

i want this(the grey/silver one) but i'm trying to resisist.

can't get over the fact that it's less than a week til christmas.

sitting with a pile of DVDs and mags = yay.

picked up atonement. every once in awhile, i pick up a book that has prose that blows me away, and i end up having to read each paragraph over again to take it all in. this book is one of them.

i've had way too much caffeine today.

oh. and i got my scrap on.

(for OLW.

(for the ideabooks4u blog/DD.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

we stumble into our lives

more studio calico sneak peeks:

i am glad to say that this kit is bringing out the mojo in me. it was missing for a few weeks.

have a good one :)

Saturday, December 15, 2007

bet you got it all planned right

on repeat:

clockwise from top left: Spoon - Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga (especially this one. it just makes me want to get up and MOVE). The Weepies - Say I Am You (great mellow stuff). Coconut Records - Nighttiming (i really love the feel of this one). Joshua Radin - We Were Here (really breathy, chill, mellow).

also listening to: the strokes, rogue wave, jimmy eat world.

dying of laughter:

seriously. best show ever.


i want to be in love. and i want to be keira knightley. and hugh grant makes me swoooooon. and i want a london flat.

came in the mail:

came right when i got back from norcal. totally exciting.

trying to scrap:

somehow, i find myself staring at this kit more than playing with it. it's just too gorgeous. but once in awhile, i stop staring and start using. good stuff.

have a good one :)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

to be where little cable cars climb halfway to the stars.

oh san francisco. oh norcal. how i love thee.

smiled at the flower stands.

drank peet's.

had breakfast+bailey's coffee at the buena vista.

rode cable cars

went to a radio concert full of a bunch of 16-year-olds, couldn't escape the pit, and got trampled. i'm getting too old.

saw jimmy eat world own everyone else. spoon was also very good, but i was very annoyed during their set so i couln't enjoy it as much as i wanted to. both bands must be seen again, because the sets were way too short. everyone else was either average or terrible.

decked out in cold weather gear.

ice skated outdoors at the embarcadero (yes, i flew up with my own skates). someone proposed at center ice, which was really cute.

fell in love with san francisco during the holiday season.

window shopped.

trekked out to chinatown.

cruised by the gorgeous city hall

had a lovely time hanging with these two.

walked around. people watched. roamed around. roamed berkeley. shot with my point-and-shoot for one day (it was kind of liberating). took my usual visit to scrapbook territory. met the mysterious "bartboy" (inside joke). missed alcatraz...twice. rode subways, munis and barts. walked around union square. had my topdog and la burrita - at 1am (which is the best). drove to napa. ate dim sum. had yummy cream puffs from beard papa (which also exist in so-cal, but they are indeed good). laughed lots. talked lots.

fell in love all over again.

i *heart* san francisco.
i miss it already. (but i know i'll be back very soon)