Sunday, October 29, 2006

good things, bad things, random things....

good things
* packages. good stuff in the mail lately. including the december crop addict kit that showed up much greatness in it. the november kit has lots of greatness in it, too. which reminds me that i have to play with it more before i move on to december.
* usc finally lost. YAY. can you tell i'm one of the few people (okay, exaggeration) in so-cal that really do not like them?!
* tackling my scrappy to-do list. almost done with my assignments, which seemed almost impossible last week.
* figure skating season officially kicked off this weekend. and i figured out that i can watch old programs on youtube. some of these programs are making me insanely happy right now.
* inspiration overload. surfing through blogs, galleries....
* an extra hour of sleep. always a good thing. (did you hear daylight savings is going to be longer starting next year?)
* george gershwin. quite possibly my favorite composer. he's definitely up there on my list of musical geniuses.
* new basic grey on its way. can that stuff get any more gorgeous?

bad things
* blogger was being dumb earlier.
* ucla lost. um....they're terrible. *sigh*
* i went to watch the clippers friday and they STUNK up the place. terrible, terrible game where there was no defense OR offense. ugh. oh well. still preseason, right?
* i'm out of printer ink. yellow ink to be exact.
* i'm behind on hmitm challenges again. i tackled one yesterday, now i must tackle more. i just need to scrap 24/7. yep yep.
*it's my mama's birthday. and my buddy judy's (yay, another one to join the 21 club). that's the end of them october birthdays on my list....

random thoughts
* why is it, like, 80 degrees when it's almost november?
* and why is november, like, almost here already?
* so i just read this on another blog....but christmas is in 8 weeks. WHOA.
* i have this love/hate relationship with coming up with these brilliant ideas right as i'm falling asleep. love because, well, ideas are always good, and bad, because i can't fall asleep because of them. i've jotted everything down in this notebook though, so i don't forget when i wake up. now if i could come up with brilliant ideas in my waking hours, that would be nice!
* i need foam brushes. or whatever kind of paintbrush because i lost all of mine or messed them up. whoooops. speaking of paint, i keep telling myself i should pick up a few bottles, but i always get overwhelmed by all the amazing colors. hahaha.

some scrappiness...

hmihm #19. i went hybrid for this one, too.

this was a really quick one. gotta love them scenic route scrap strips.

a quick digi with a fabulous kit, which was made for a good cause. a few weeks ago, sarah of the designer digitals CT lost her husband to lymphoma. so the designers at DD came up with a collaborative kit, flowers of sarah, and all of the proceeds will benefit christines, a cancer hospital in the UK where sarah's husband spent his last days.

i did this in response to the AE zine challenge. creative confidence. good stuff.

happy birthday to my mama and to my pal judy! :)

Thursday, October 26, 2006

i'm a self-portrait queen

uh yeah. i utilized my couch today...i can totally imagine my friends (and cousins) laughing at me right now but I have a good excuse, which is that I ran out of pictures of myself to scrap. haha.

one deadline met, one more to go. i must say that i love AND hate working under pressure.

i went to a clipper game today. i kinda kept forgetting that it's still preseason. but still. lots of people there...even if it was preseason. it's funny cuz when i first started to go to clipper games, it was always pretty empty....nowdays, it's pretty full. stupid bandwagoners.

was passing through downtown l.a. tonight on the way to the arena...reminded me of when i was at JACC and roaming the streets with some newspaper people. good times, good times. was talking to kate tonight and we were reminiscing about how we would stay up at this hour and IM each other while we were frantically working on stories. so strange because my wednesdays are now my lazy, slow days, and only 6 months ago, it was my most stressful day of the week.

so i'm addicted to these hershey s'more bars ... mom asked me to pick up halloween candy, and this looked interesting so i bought one bag...looks like i'm going to probably end up finishing it. taste like real s'mores...but perfect for a lazy bum like me who is too lazy to make them! ha!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

juuuuuust playing

don't you hate how you seem to have all this creative energy when you're at your busiest? that was me this weekend, and i gave into it. it felt good.

did these two for some challenges over at DD yesterday.

(font chat - the one i hosted)

(this was with pattie knox's speed byte freebie....looooved the design, but i had trouble making it work....until the 3rd time i played around with it)

this bampop paper has stared at me for about a month now, begging to be played with. so i did just that.

just having fun with some paper salon papers...

i loved this one sheet of AC paper and thought it would be fun to cut them into blocks and this is what i came up with.

i'm going to a hockey game in december. yeah, hockey. gotta go to all the sporting events, right?

back to work i go.

Friday, October 20, 2006

the 20th already?

it's friday! this week flew by for some reason. and this whole month is flying by. i can't believe it's almost november.

busy week...had a bunch of homework due yesterday. of course, i ended up procrastinating and let it pile up then really wanted to slap myself for letting it pile up so much. urgh. but i did it and that is that.

been working on a lot of scrappy projects...lots of deadlines next week. not panicking....yet. these are some really fun projects though, so i'm just having a blast with them.

just played with some digi...i feel guilty when i neglect my photoshop and all my awesome DD goodies. so then i just sit down and play. speaking of DD, they're having a sale this weekend! lots of awesome goodies out those papers i used on here.

i'm hosting a chat on saturday at 2 p.m. PST. come join me :) you'll get an awesome freebie!

anyone watch grey's? i wanted to slap derek...wasn't no mcdreamy. hmph. that episode left me wondering about certain who the mchottie that mcdreamy is with (george's words) in the next episode (must be some kind of story behind that one!)...if addison/mark are going back to new york (i want to know the contract situation with those two).'s been a pretty normal week. just taking everything one step at a time.

have a good weekend, everyone :)

Monday, October 16, 2006

weekend update

- went down to the OC to celebrate my buddy julie's birthday. her party was quite interesting. it was nice to hang out with some good friends, though - i haven't seen some of them in a while! good times.

- i was supposed to meet up with linda and michelle when i got there friday night, but because we left over 2 hours later than anticipated AND hit a lot of traffic, it didn't happen. sorry girls :(

- it poured. we also saw lightning from the freeway.

- a bunch of us stayed the night, then had some yummy pho, which i'd been craving for awhile, for lunch on saturday. yum. (which reminds me. linda - we gotta go to golden deli. irvine pho doesn't really compare. lol).

- went karaokeing saturday afternoon. yay for a happy hour deal - $5 per person for 2 hours. the place had a totally cheesy name - Elvis?! (yes with the punctuation), but the song selection wasn't bad. i would say awesome, but they didn't have "since u been gone" and i was totally disappointed (had some good times singing it horribly and the top of our lungs while driving in norcal). hmph. belted out some japanese stuff with other julie. good times.

- accompanied my dad for gold panning pt. 2. the weather was horrible. it was freezing.

- rocking out to new music. yay for the new (okay, it's about a week old) killers CD :)

Friday, October 13, 2006


i feel like a list post today -

- i can't believe some of the odd things people search to find this blog. i haven't gotten poopy diapers in awhile (i used to get so many hits from people who searched that)....but i have gotten - how they kept cool in the alhambra (um, okay), dressing ghetto fab (i don't), i love the beach boobs (i don't have any, that's for sure), not over him (uhhh....), among other hilarious queries. hilarity. strange people.

- okay. so grey's. OMG. seriously. too many thoughts. but amazing episode. OMG. i don't know what else to say about it without going on and on and on....well i guess i can go on and on and on.... poor finn. drugged meredith = hilarious. meredith+addison convo = loved it. addison telling derek not to hurt meredith = loved it. i miss alex from the last few episodes. OMG mcdreamy - i said NOOO when he told mer that finn was the better one. and lots of other random thoughts. but i'll shush. i am upset that the writers' blog is not updated as of right now. i told linda this and she laughed at me. pfft.

- i got a very exciting package the other day. and i must say that these flowers are my new obsessions. i will not shut up about them, and if you have sat through my blabbing about them, i am sorry. but seriously. must have. and the first LO i used them on got picked up!

but i used it here too -

this was a photo swap with christina, aka one of my scrap idols. talk about exciting, but talk about pressure. hehe.

- i got to play with the mini-kit this month at crop addict. it's a fun challenge to see how much you can get out of a small kit seriously pushes you creatively. i recommend everyone try it. seriously. check it out. i have 4 LOs done, and i do have a bit of patterned paper left, plus a sheet of cardstock (i used a sheet from my stash, though).

(NOTE: i am currently taking donations for the "buy caroline a burberry coat fund." hahah)

- working on some projects right now. now that i've gotten into them....they're tons of fun.

- off to the OC tomorrow. it's my pal julie's birthday. good times, i hope.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


i've joined the rest of the 21st century.
seriously. speed is beautiful.

celebrated my little cousin's first birthday yesterday (well, technically 2 days ago).

isn't she adorable?!

my cousins hired an airbrushed tattoo artist, and (pretty much) the whole family got inked. including my grandma -

who is sporting a frog tat to bring her luck in vegas. she also got a horse one.

and this is my other adorable baby cousin -

i know you wanna pinch him!

the dodgers TOTALLY disappointed me on saturday.
so i guess it's time to bring out that a's shirt. ha.
and YAY for the yankees losing. ha.

Friday, October 06, 2006

ghost of a good thing.

scrapbook answers is no more :(

it was so sudden. and surprising. SBA was doing well. but they were still considered start-up, and when a company wants to cut costs, well, you get this.

it's unfortunate. not just because i was on their DT. they had something going. they had carved out a niche in the scrapbooking industry. they were different. as alison put it, a "little less minivan pigtails" than everything else.

my best wishes to leslie, corinne, ana, the rest of the team and the DT. you all will be missed.

speaking of sad things - the dodgers are making me sad. BOO HISS.
the a's on the other hand - are making me happy.
but i would rather have the dodgers make it.

so, some scrappy action -

(made using some "stitched" journaling brushes from mary ann wise. to be at DD sunday. really cool stuff)

(can you tell i've been loving the old photos lately?)

oh, and this should be my last post from the 20th century. i'm getting high speed. actually, it was activated today. just need to connect everything.

have a good weekend!! :)

Monday, October 02, 2006


i've been tagged by EmilyKate -

7 Songs I love right now:

1. How to Save a Life by The Fray
2. Sexyback by Justin Timberlake
3. Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap
4. The Heart of Life by John Mayer (i'm actually loving his whole new album, so I just picked a random song off it)
5. Better Together by Jack Johnson
6. Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol
7. It's Our Time Now by Plain White T's
(okay, so my music choices aren't too interesting. oh well)

7 People who should do this:
1. Michelle
2. Alison
3. Sarah
4. Rita
5. Jill
6. Amber
7. Christy

LOTS of birthdays this month (and by a lot...i mean a LOT).

oh, and looking forward to them playoffs....


oh, and crop addict is having a DT call. y'all must check it out. seriously. debbie is an absolute sweetheart and working for her has been SUCH a blast. and did i mention....the kits rock? seriously. go for it.