Sunday, July 30, 2006

i cropped with burberrygirl!!! (and DD ROCKS)

guess where we cropped again? yeah, the park (we scrapped there on national scrapbooking day, too). HAHA. except this time, we went to a differnt park and it was crowded so there were no tables (well, i'm sure there were some but they were on the other side of the park). so we sat on the grass....on a HILL. so funny. i wish i had a camera for that.

afterwards, we ended up at tapioca express again. we sat there for quite a stuff. people kept asking us if we were scrapbooking for school, though. lol.

it was a total blast! huge thanks michelle for coffee&crepes, and for letting me use your stuff! and for that big box of donations!!

anyways, this is what i worked on (all totally for fun. i have some stuff i HAVE to get done....but whatever. i will do those when my mojo is REALLY on) -

for this week's HMITM challenge. i have trouble using LOTS of chipboard...because I can't layer it! so half of the chipboard on this layout come from those circles. lol.

something fun. this picture cracks me up. we were trying to take a group pic...and all of a sudden, a stampede of kids came running by...and we got distracted. lol.

photoswap with linda (i'd given up on paper swaps, but i'm hoping to meet her really really soon so i can hand-deliver to her). yay for the dodger pics! (i sent her one of a dodger dog. LOL).

another fun one!

one mich did of me. i did half of one of cassandra for her. lol.

we decided to do half layouts and put them together. this looks kind of funny....

i did the right, she did the left. originally, we were supposed to do this blind. which would have made this even funnier!! LOL

exciting things at DD. LOTS of good new stuff out today...including stuff by two new designers. one of them being anna aspenes who is just.....WOW. apparently, i've been living under a digi cave (i know i have) until now because...well, she's awesome and everyone loves her.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

today (technically yesterday) was good.

went to redondo beach :)
although it was still humid, the ocean breeze and lower temperatures were just perfect.

ate some yummy seafood :)

played some DDR in the arcade (i swear, this was the most exercise i've had in awhile. and it's been a while since i played so i was off).

hung out at the pier :)

yep, good day indeed.

other things -

i started this 50 page monster thread. whoa.

fun stuff.

Monday, July 24, 2006

it's so hot.....

...that most of my grandma's sunflowers looked like that.

we finally started using our AC this weekend. we usually have a bunch of stuff stacked in front of it during the winter, and we move it when it starts to get hot. so we did that yesterday. and omg! what did i EVER do without the AC?

too bad my scrap space is un-air conditioned. haha.

had a lot of fun at CHA in spirit day over at the pub on saturday! but i think a lot of people hate me now because i hosted a drive-by RAK for a late night thread...with the goodies going to the thread killer. anyways, i started what would become a 40 page thread, and it's sitll going! haha!

quite evil i am. yep. oh well.

talked quite a bit to a friend i haven't talked to or seen in a LONG time (i think it's been a year since i last saw him)! it kind of makes me sad because he used to be my best guy friend and we used to do lots of random things together. we used to always go to the mall and eat at chipotle. and i dragged him to an autograph signing for a dodger player once. totally miss all that. and i miss him. unfortunately, when you get into relationships, your friendships with people of the opposite sex tend to kind of change. that's sort of what happened here. although, he was telling me that isn't going that well either. which is kind of sad, because they seemed to really be hitting it off at one point.

i was reading through a lot of really old livejournal posts (well most of my posts over there ARE really old since i kind of stopped updating it in favor of this), and it sort of made me sad. lots of friends i was once close to that grew apart. i especially miss my friend jenny. i still talk to her sometimes, and i saw her on my birthday. but we used to be a lot closer. but she went to study abroad for a year, and i guess we sort of lost touch then.

these things happen, i know. i know that i really don't talk to about 90% of my old high school friends. which makes me sad, but that's life i guess.

i guess i should be thankful that i have my core group of friends that i absolutely LOVE. and i love how we click even when we're apart from each other 10 months out of the year. people ask me how we do it. i honestly don't know. but we do. and i love that. and i hope THAT never changes.

i miss my friends that are abroad right now, having the time of their lives.. even though i'm living vicariously through their picture posts on livejournal. my friend elaine went to paris this weekend and i'm TOTALLY jealous! and then there are those friends who are doing just the opposite, slaving away with summer school. miss my newspaper buddies.

i guess i'm a little lonely.

i also need to do a bit of thinking. of what to do with the rest of the summer, and beyond this next semester. what's next? i feel lost. i thought i had everything together, but when the transferring for this fall fell through, that sort of messed things up a little. this extra time is also making me think if i really want to pursue journalism. some days i really want to do it, some days i really want to do something totally different (something more creative. and the days i really want to do it are when i totally get lost in a magazine). when i got to college, i was SO SURE this was what i wanted to do. it was what i wanted to do since my freshman year of high school. through most of my newspaper days, i was sure. but i don't know. some of this comes out of self-doubt too. realy trying to figure out if i really have it in me. but if not journalism, what else? i throught about other things, but nothing really seems viable. especially if it means a bunch of prerequisites. it's bad enough that i'm having to stick it out this long, i can't possibly stay here for even longer!

when i first got to college, i was so happy that i already knew what i wanted to do. i saw all my friends trying to figure out what thety wanted to do, and i secretly gloated in the fact i didn't have the same problem. now, everyone is about to graduate (actually one of my friends already did), and i'm the one that's lost. kind of ironic.

i'm sure i'll figure it out and pull it together...but now i'm just confused.

anyhow - lots of scrappy things to work on from now through the middle of next month. my mojo better not disappear on me and stick around!

oh - and happy 21st to my dear friend breanne.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

when i grow up, i wanna scrap like....

michelle. and not only because she is BFF (although she would dump me if i didn't include her. HA!) it's because i can stare at her pages for hours, and still not get bored. it's how she dumps so many embellies on to a page, but still manages to make it look like vomit, but turns it into a masterpiece. and have you seen the speed at which she scraps?! i mean, i thought i was fast!

amberskolnick. she was one of the first peas i e-mailed to tell them i loved their schtuff. her fun is so whimsy and funky-cool. her layouts just make me smile. i love getting lost in her gallery - and i always do. her scrappies just make me happy (well. she just makes me happy in general heehee).

kelly. she pulls everything together soooo well. she rocks the multi-photo too. love her composition. love how everything comes together. love how everything is clean, but not really really simple. (i don't know how to explain this. i give up).

desiree. can we just say wow? love her clean, clean style. there's a uniqueness to the way she scraps. and her typography is amazing.

rita. such a beautiful elegance to her work. love how she can be classified as "simple" but how her work just becomes pure eye candy. she can just rock it!!

sarah. our styles can't be anymore different...but she is sooo GOOD! i love how she rocks the circles! and the stitching too (not so much lately).

danielle. her stuff is so bold. and artsy. and the colors on her layouts just pop off the page!

sara. she's just FABULOUS. everything she does just clicks. everything works. and i love it.

erin. so bold, so funky, so cool. never fails to blow me away with her stuff! and she can rock those 2-pagers too (she doesn't do TOO many of them, but when she does - WOW!).

elsie. do i have to explain myself? next.

ali. seriously. must i explain? moving along...

jennifer johner. such a "home-y" feeling about her layouts, sort of like a quilt. love how she rocks the stitching and the paper!

mary grace. i love how she rocks the alphas - rub-ons, letter stickers, stamps, whatever. it always looks so COOL. and the stuff she scraps about. yeah, way cool!

jaime. her stuff is so clean, but there is good stuff in the unwhite space. just love her stuff.

rhonna. digi queen. period.

tia. hybrid queen. period.

meghan. so artsy cool. i tried to lift her once. it was so HARD. she just rocks her style. i can stare at her pages for hours.

jessie. she is so CLEVER. recently, i saw a page of hers on KMA where she used an old hoop earring. she's used patches from t-shirts, those flags from lucky....seriously. she is just way too cool for words.

kristina. whenever i'm mojoless, i always end up in her gallery. so much greatness. her stuff is a mix of artsiness, yet it's not so overwhelming. it has the perfect mix of everything.

ashley wren. so bold, so funky, so colorful, so cool. she rocks the polkies, the masking tape (she's the one that inspired me to use it), the flamingos. the rainbows.

nichole. love her geometric style! she sure rocks those shapes!! and the cardstock-only layouts. for sure!

ashley calder. her stuff is such a feast for the eyes. so much texture, so much detail. i can just stare for hours on end!!

cheryl. i just LOVE the way she mixes the papers. so awesome!

erica. i remember exactly the first time i ever saw her work. it was in an issue of woman's day's scrapbook magazine, which no longer exists. she had a whole spread with her baby LOs. they were SO beautiful - with so little. i think they were all cardstock only and computer fonts. wow. those were breathtaking. of course, her recent stuff is different but it all still just ROCKS.

wendy. so clever that girl is. and she always outdoes herself with every LO.

hanni. doodle queen!

amber nichole. just.....WOW. i don't know what else to say. just way too amazing.

katie. she's an awesome scrapbooker...but her products REALLY inspire me. best digi products ever! so fab that fontwerks and autumn leaves are releasing some of her brushes as stamps at CHA!!

tali. just an amazing digi scrapper. total eye candy. if i could pull off her stuff with paper...i'd totally be ecstatic! but to do it digitally?! amazing!

amy. she just rocks whatever she does. one of my favorite digi scrappers. she is amazing.

this list ended up being sooo much longer than i anticipated. oh well.
so many inspiring scrappers out there. it's crazy.
i take so much inspiration from so many people each and every day.
everyone has inspired me in some way or other.
thank you for that inspiration.

who inspires you? tell me!

couple of quick notes...
CHA in spirit day is tomorrow. in fact, it officially kicks off in less than 43 hours!! come play with us!! lots of cool prizes! and i'm hosting an hour starting at 10 pm PST. i haven't picked what i'm going to do yet, but come out and play, okay?

new HMITM challenge should be up soon. also, check out our little iron chef thing that michelle and i have going on ....and play!!

product from 25 manufacturers on this page. can you believe it?!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


I scrapped....

(for HMITM. makes no sense, totally random, but whatever. i like it.)

(i even had to pump out a digi too!!)

whoo hoo!!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

cool people

i just gotta many cool people out there. that i've met through this crazy hobby called scrapbooking. never would have thought i'd find people that i'd have some awesome connections with, all in the name of scrapbooking...but i have. and for that i am truly, eternally, thankful.

michelle calls me BFF. although, i think she's just trying to play me because she has a BTF (best twin friend) in spidey and BBG (best bag friend) in PCP. but i still get the fuzzies!

me and linda have been exchanging e-mails all weekend long and we are still going at it. turns out her mom lives near me, so i hope she comes visit me! we are also humongous dodger fans, and we're joking (or are we?) that we are going to share a buy 2, get 2 free season ticket package next year. heehee.

speaking of spidey and PCP...spidey is coming down to so-cal next month to visit her mom. so she was telling me about michelle's plans for when she comes down here...come kidnap me, go to an asian import store to buy cheap white pens, and go to the garment district in downtown l.a. to buy cheap trims and fabrics and stuff. and then to little tokyo to check out the marukai 98 cent store so we can buy spidey a little plastic bento box. the dress code requirement for that day is going to be ghettoness. you see, we had a bunch of late-nite threads where we were pretending to be we get to live out our little thread by dressing ghetto-fab, flashing the late-nite gang sign and taking a picture....with paper bags on our heads, a la PCP (aka the bag lady) - and take pictures. OH MAN. that is going to be too funny. i can't wait to scrap that! i'll be laughing too hard!!! lol.

i went to an angels game today...they won...i got a bobblehead...but i'm cranky because the dodgers have stunk it up lately! hmph.

i've been diligently taking a bunch of random pics with my lomographic camera...i anticipate i'll finish my roll of film tomorrow or wednesday. can't wait to see what i've got on there. my little rubber "viewfinder" fell off the other day, and i can't find it. so i've been shooting blind, basically. but apparently the whole point of lomography is to NOT know what is just not think and SHOOT. i hate this vulnerability of not knowing what i'm shooting...especially because this is film...but it's kinda fun and it makes me excited about getting the roll developed. i'm having trouble trying to let go of this "frame the perfect shot" mentality, but it's fun.

oh, and if you're like me and NOT going to CHA...come join us for CHA in spirit day. there will be lots of prizes, fun, and i'm sure craziness (maybe a little elevator ride downhill perhaps?)!!! i'll be hosting an hour (10 p.m. PST) too, so come play!!!

Monday, July 17, 2006

that is all.

it's mofoing hot. grooooooossss.

wanna know what else is gross? cockroaches! we have one in the house that we just cannot get rid of! we try to kill it and it just RUNS AWAY. later on, we find it in another part of the house. try to kill it again, but it survives the attack and RUNS AWAY AGAIN! sheesh! i was gchatting with michelle and spidergirl angela, and my mom was staring at mr. roach....who was on OUR CEILING. i mean, EWWWWWWWW (ange seemed to think it was pretty funny though grr). this is not some tiny roach either. it's HUGE. GROSS GROSS GROSS. go away, mr. roach!

so anyway. now that i've grossed you out.

to escape the heat today, me and 2 of my buddies went to go see the devil wears prada today. it was funny. miranda is evil and i love it. the movie differed from the book a little bit, but it was still good! the one thing i was disappointed in, the book, andy basically gets herself fired by telling miranda to f-herself. i was dying to see this in movie form. let's just say that it wasn't so interesting in the movie.

one thing i LOVED about the movie was the magazine publishing setting. just because i'm interested in that industry. i don't know how accurate the portrayal was in the movie, but hey. it was entertaining.

haven't been in much of a scrapping mood this weekend. can't figure out if it's the heat or because my space is just ridiculously messy ... there's a huge pile of non-scrapping items on there and i have to move them everytime i scrap...and I've been too lazy too. not a good thing since i have challenge LOs, birthday stuff, DT stuff to do. besides. mojo doesn't do well in heat, i've concluded. right?

CHA sneaks peeks are making me worry for my wallet. lol. so much fabulous stuff out there, including -
- 7 gypsies (these label sticker books are too cool. they're available in several styles too, and i want almost all of them! loving the new papers too.
- Basic Grey. saw lilykate posted on 2Peas and i immediately proceeded to fall in love with it...especially the rub-ons. and gypsy (which was in the BG newsletter) is totally not what i expected when i heard the name, but it is still indeed fabulous!
- American Crafts. I love it all. all the yummy paper, the new fabulous flowers, the slpha stickers, the rub-ons...the only complaint i have is that it sure is going to make me go BROKE.
- Sassafrass Lass. just yummy. the paper is cuter now that i've seen the peek twice, and i'm loving the stamps with the journaling spaces.
- cosmo cricket. new, fabulous line!!
- Scenic Route. how muh more fabulous can they get?! i am sooooo hoping i get on their design team!! reminds me a wee bit of the older stuff, and mix it up with the newer look and you've got PERFECTION!!
- paper salon - i love this line. so awesome. and their new stuff looks great, too!
- my minds eye - eeeeeek. SO MUCH good stuff! just TOO MUCH. again, i'm in trouble! (but michelle is going to share....right?!?)
- all this other stuff i've seen on here. karen russell stuff from creative imaginations (i love it ALL but i'm especially loving the journaller's notebook!), heidi swapp, a2z (i just know i'm going to have trouble finding it at an LSS around here), 3 bugs....

i also saw a little sneak a long time ago on one of the chatterbox girls' blogs (i think it was christy tomlinson, but i can't remember for sure) and it also looked fab. can't wait to see a more in-depth peek!

and i'm DYING to see what KI releases!!!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

blue hawaii

i was reading a little short story that had to do with hawaii yesterday ... and i was reminiscing. it made me miss that place. i went to hawaii about 11 years ago (i think that's how long it's been) and i fell in love with it. i swore that i would go to college over there! lol...not planning to do that anymore, but i so really do want to go there for vacation again (and explore a bit more).

see, i was a beach girl even back then...and i fell in love with the crystal-clear blue water (and snorkeling with some awesome marine life at hanauma bay). i loved the lushness in the atmosphere. loved the aloha spirit. loved the mahi mahi and even the poi.

so i dug out some old pictures (i swore i had more pictures than i ended up finding)...and did this 2-pager. they're quite frustrating....but you get this sense of satisfaction after you finish one. lol.

go challenge yourself with the new HMITM challenge it's a toughie but a really GOOD one. in fact, i would go get started right now if it weren't for my mojo deficiencies (it flew away after the above LO). lol.

Friday, July 14, 2006

i met mini-burberrygirl....

and she's just like her mama.

went out for boba with michelle + her entourage tonight...
and i must say that cassandra is a riot. for serious. does one have that much energy at 11 p.m.?
even i was starting to get tired.

she also embarrassed the real she's trying to pretend the meeting never happened!
too bad i didn't think to grab my camera so i have no evidence
*le sigh*
but y'all take my word for it, right?

haha. but seriously.
the way she became attached to me was cute.
now if i can get a boy to shower me with that much attention, that would be nice!

some other random thoughts -
- i went in search for the august CK at jo-ann yesterday...didn't find it but i did find some of these babies for a buck (okay so that's not my post on 2Ps). something tells me i need to go back for more.
- i need to cut my hair. seriously. it is WAY too long.
- i now have a lomographic camera (one that has 4 lenses, takes 4 panoramic shots in succession...check out the site for more info). could prove to be lots of FUN!! i'm thinking photo of the day lomography style!!!
...i have no idea what else i wanted to write.

Thursday, July 13, 2006


(i don't even know why i even pretend to try and come up with an interesting subject. i'm just not very good at that)

scraplyric is up. some good stuff this week, hope you play!

the 12x12 bug has bit me in digi, too!

you know, it's kind of funny how my attitudes about scrapbooking has changed since the time i really started getting into it. when i first started, i was all about super-simple (a la cathy z, etc). now i can't do super-simple to save my life (although once in ahile i surprise myself). when i first started, i was all about using stuff up and, although i'm cheap, i have a bunch of unused or half-used items invading my space. then it was all about layering tons of paper and not using much else. my goal was to use as many different paper manufacturers on one single LO as humanly possible. nowadays, i still like mixing it up, but the lazy side in me loves coordinated lines and i've taken to only using 2-3 sheets of paper per layout. i hated was too much space, i couldn't work with it. until i figured out the secret to working in 12x12. now i love it - because i've been loving white space a LOT these days. in fact i had to force myself to do a 8.5x11 on my scraplyric layout because i felt like i was doing too many 12x12s lately. lol.

when i first started i swore to myself that i would never be the type to obsess over getting published. i had zero interest in it. i didn't even know what design teams were. funny how that changed. i still have that "if it get picked up, great, if not, whatever" attitude, but you see me submitting quite prolifically.

and digi. i used to HATE digi. i thought it looked ugly, fake...besides, my old computer was so run down that it would have NEVER supported it. that was until the SS digi 4 issue came out...and i was intrigued. sort of. i took my first foray into digi when i spotted a LO using an adorable freebie holiday kit from shabby princess on sara's blog. i did a few pages, did the family christmas card with that kit...then i stopped playing with digi. that was until SS Digi 5 was released and i fell in love with the fabulous freebie kits (especially tia's) that came with it. i figured joining a digi forum might be helpful, so i signed up for designer digitals. i was drawn to that place because some of my favorites designed for them. i thought "i would LOVE to be on this creative team." but i was still playing with digi, i didn't have any plans for it to become a huge thing. imagine my total shock and pleasant surprise when i saw an e-mail from katie pertiet inviting me to join her team!

okay, so that was a novel.

speaking of digi...i really need to get rid of AOL (dial up) because it is hindering my digi scrapping. i was dowloading this FAB kit and was about 80% through with the download...then AOL decided to poop and there went the download. i'm peeved because i really wanted to play with this kit ASAP. it's by andrea victoria, the newest designer for designer digitals and it'll be up on sunday! AND...ali edwards chatting tonight!! i can't wait!

Monday, July 10, 2006


i had lunch plans today but they fell through so i ordered in some thai and lounged while getting some awesome stuff from designer digitals stuff. lotsa awesome stuff up this week...ya gotta check them out. even if you don't do digi, some of this stuff is worth printing out and making a hybrid with....i know i want to print off some of these papers and do a paper LO with them, but unfortunately, my printer is out of ink. pffft.

these three sixty papers must be my most favoritest digi papers ever. totally digging these, even though i haven't played with them yet! lol

speaking of DD...lots of awesome things on the horizon. including a chat with the fabulous ali edwards this thursday at 10 p.m. EST...should be exciting!!

in other news - i think i'm the next american idol. well no. we all know i can't sing to save my life. but i've been participating in scrap ahoy's scrap idol contest, and have advanced to the second round. you can check out my round one entries here, not sure i could post them so I thought i'd link ya to them.

i thought i wasn't going to make my entry in mojo was having major struggles the week before it was decided it wanted to come back to me at like 2 a.m. friday night. so i was up til 5 scrapping. craziness.

in other news - my buddy adrienne has been working on her own company! peep the first release of buttons here...her first release was so amazing that they sold out within three hours, but a little birdie tells me there will be more released this stalk it! oh, and i also know that she has some AMAZING stuff in the works that you will just be SALIVATING over. so exciting!!!

and the ever-so-amazing amberskolnick is pubster of the day over at the pod! yayness! amber is one of my all-time favorite scrappies! never fails to make me drool over her pages!

have you checked out the latest how much is too much challenge? it was totally hard, but totally good stuff! go play!!!

i lent my friend my camera today and i feel strangely lonely without it. not that i've used it much lately!

it's currently 5 and my mailman still hasn't shown up....strange!

Friday, July 07, 2006

yo ho, yo ho....

i went to see the midnight showing of "pirates of the caribbean" and i'm still in a pirate-y mood. i loved it. although i'm not crazy about cliff-hangers and this one had one at the end (sheesh. the thing ended so abruptly too). johnny depp is an absolute RIOT. love him as sparrow. lots of silly funny moments where i just kept cracking up.

my mojo totally ran off somewhere (maybe it's sailing at sea with the pirates. ha). but i woke up to a bunch of e-mail comments from scrap jazz for this LO -

i did it a couple of weeks ago for a dare (the one for book titles). This layout became one of my current favorites. I don't get riled up about a lot of things. but body issues are one of them.

i took a women's studies class last year. "the body project" (by joan brumburg) was one of my required texts...but it was probably one of the best books i've ever read. it takes a look at body issues though girls' diaries, past and present. really good stuff. i say a must-read for every woman.

anyhow, i better go find that mojo of mine so i can do my how much is too much layout. stay tuned for the challenge tomorrow! it's a good one!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

happy 4th!

(this looked sort of like a heart to me)

i guess it's technically the 5th, but let's pretend it's still the 4th.

spent the afternoon at my aunt's for a family get-together. lots of food (burgers and dogs, thai food and japanese stuff) and board games. fun stuff. i love my cousins. they are riots.

came home and then took off to a friend's for some fireworks. i'm such a wussy when it comes to fire...i get freaked out when i light fireworks. lol.

some random pictures -

oh. and today was not free of stupid people. just down the street from my friend's house, we found some stupidasses burning a shopping cart....

same people also kept setting plastic bottles on fire for this really loud bang. multiple times. ouch. they also had a drunk HOLDING fireworks meant to stay on the ground....lame.

i'm in love with this baby -

gotta love these between the lines dings.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

amusing observations

according to my handy dandy tracker....out of my last 20 searchengine referrals, 5 of them were by using the query of "poopy diapers."

to see for myself, i set out on google to try and find myself...but at page 40, this thing still hadn't come up. so i went back to check the tracker and found out that i'm pretty popular as "poopy diapers" on yahoo.

if you do a search for "poopy diapers" on blog comes up SECOND.


the "poopy diapers" is in reference to this post about my cousin's baby shower.

(i'm sure i'm going to get more queries for that now with this post...sheesh)

everyone else seems to find this thing by searching my name (this comes up first on both yahoo AND google), or the name of various scrapbook celebs. and paislee press. glad to see i'm doing some good for liz.

sometimes i do get weird queries though. the most recent of which is "'went to the bathroom outside' survey." don't ask...

i still don't have the dasboard CD, but luckily for me the thing is still $6.99 at best buy this week. i swear, it's calling ot me, i just have been really lazy and don't want to go out in this heat.

anyways, today is sunday and that means new designer digitals products. lots of cool new kits, but i'm totally in love with these fit to be flourished brushes by katie pertiet - half the year is over.

can you believe it?

it's still really hot over here
yesterday i felt like a swim....
then i discovered that they DRAINED my apartment pool
because they had to fix the stairs or something
so now i have to wait for it to fill up again.

worst. timing. ever.

btw. i still haven't bought the dashboard CD yet
i know ek asked how it was, but i don't know!
i'll be getting it tomorrow though. i think. lol.

oh and challenge yourself this weekend! i know y'all will have lots of scrappy time, right?

Scraplyric (theme is girls)


how much is too much (sticker sneeze!)