Tuesday, June 27, 2006

so hot. so humid.

worst kind of weather.

i took a dip in my pool yesterday.
i haven't done that in....over a year? at least?
pretty much the only time i wear my swimsuit is when i go to the beach.
and not always to the beach, either.

debating whether to get the new dashboard CD
leaning towards yes, because i can get it for $6.99
just hoping it won't disappoint me...
speaking of dashboard, they're going to be on letterman....
and letterman is TOTALLY lame.
i like leno better thankyouverymuch.

i wanna watch the devil wears prada...
the book was funny!

michelle is evil.
(see, i'm blogging about you. happy?!)

still. we killed gmail!
i discovered you can see how many lines your chats have...
our highest was like almost 800
so we set a goal to get to 1000
we did that by typing in a bunch of <3s
so when we got there we decided to go for 2000
i ended up with 2001.

did i tell you gmail talk rocks?
add me and chat with me...i am ca.ikeji

i don't know what else to say.
oh, new LOs are up at crop addict.

(just a couple for a peek)
i gotta tell you though...them kits keep getting better and better and better....
loved the scenic route this month!

some other stuff i've been working on -
(big shoutout to breanne for a bunch of birthday goodies!!!)

okay i'm tired so that's it. lol

Sunday, June 25, 2006


a couple of my friends are leaving this week to study abroad for the summer....so we went to dinner last night.

dinner was mexican food...my friend amy is going to taiwan and mexican food does not really exist in asia. so friday night we ended up getting tacos from the taco truck and last night we went to a mexican place.

(this wasn't my dinner. but this sure looked good.)

after dinner we went to go visit caltech, since my buddy ying goes there. what's funny is that i go to school across the street from caltech and i've never set foot on the campus!

i'm sure we embarrassed ying quite a bit, because we were so amused. she let us go visit her lab, and we were so entertained, especailly since we had to don these lab coats....

and even shoe covers!

i'm sure if someone walked in on us, they would've thought we were crazy. because we were taking tons of funny, weird pictures while we were there....

a lecture hall was open, so we walked in there too.

look! i'm a prof! (the mere idea of that is pretty funny)

after we left that building, ying took us around and gave us a tour of the school. caltech is such a nie campus! and you know everyone there is pretty smart, when you starts spotting fountains and such that are designed after various scientific things. for exaple, this one was made to be a double helix -

(i don't know why it looks like daytime. it must be my camera's night mode, but still)

one of the last things we saw was the caltech cannon. MIT stole this a couple months ago, so we dedicided to pretend to push it around. what we found so puzzling was the fact that the MIT pushed this thing onto a UHAUL!

it was a fun evening! i totally cannot wait to scrap some of these pics!

oh, and btw. you all need to check out the latest how much is too much challenge. this week is fibers. i had SO much fun playing with some fabric!!!!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

thursday thursday thursday....

I've been off for exactly a week now.
And I'm totally loving this lazy thing...
but I think I should probably start to be un-lazy.
it's pretty bad when you can't remember the date anymore!

We'll see how later.

Okay so randomness coming on.

I went to Target the other day to pick up some stuff. At the same time, I'm craving a snack. Particularly TGIF potato skin chips or Mint Brussels. Yum. But do I find them? No. PFFFT. I was rather upset.

My mother brought home a piece of cake today from my absolute favorite bakery. Yummm....I just devoured it.

Adrienne rocks my socks off. I lifted her to try to get out of this mojo funk. It was totally fun to emulate her style...loved doodling on everything!

My lovely friend Liz is starting her own digi line called Paislee Press...and I must plug it for her because it's absolutely GORGEOUS. Her first kit will be available on ScrapSupply - SOON! Look for it!
(and yes. that is me being nice to Michelle for once.)

Chatting on gmail totally rocks.

May go to the 7gypsies wharehouse sale this weekend.....

Oh, and catching up on some dares. Fun stuff.
And I really do match my star sign. haha.

Looking through old pics is fun. And I should scrap them, too...

okay, later, gators...

Monday, June 19, 2006


we had a family picnic yesterday.
lots of food and fun....
but no camera.
i can't believe i forgot the camera!
i guess i'll have to steal some pictures from my cousins...

mojo still missing. i did do some (paper) scrapping ... but i mean, when it's taking you 3 hours to do one LO (i usually take LESS than one), something's off. right?

how much is too much #2 is up....BLING IT ON, baby!

any of you play kakuro? it's like sudoku...except you actually have to add up numbers. i started playing. it's freaking hard! but can be addicting. fo sho.

Friday, June 16, 2006

it's officially.....

(i'm off for a month, anyway)

um, so if anyone sees my mojo, please tell it to come back to me.
paper mojo anyway.
this is after i went shopping yesterday.
i have lots of things to work on, too!
i think my digi mojo is doing okay, though...
just photoshop is being strange....

new scraplyric challenge went up yesterday...
so i hope you play with us :)

family picnic this weekend.
should be fun.

friends coming home too.
that should be fun too.

happy friday!!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


i have one day of school left.
until next month anyway.
i decided to take summer school at another school's second session.
not really.

i'm uninteresting these days.
i don't know what to say.

i almost forgot i was doing laundry today...
and almost left my clothes in the dryer forever...
and talking to crazy michelle somehow reminded me that i had laundry in the dryer...

i took a thread downhill today.
i didn't mean to!
not my fault "d" is near "r"!

that's all!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Two new things....

I've joined two new cool challenge blogs recently...

the first is scraplyric...which are challenges taking inspiration from music. using specific themes of songs to inspire a LO, using lyrics, using a certain line from a song...lots of different things. i love getting scrapping inspiration from music so this is gonna be lots of fun! anyway. our first challenge will be up on thursday so come play with us then!

next is the crazy, demented, evil how much is too much challenge. michelle and i came up with the idea (well actually she did, i came up with the name) in a chat a couple nights ago. the whole idea...in her words....is to "use up your stash...why do the scrap mags bombard you with ads and then tell us how to save money?" well. i'm a cheap scrapper. but the whole idea is to drive everyone crazy by making them use up an insane amount of stuff on one single layout. sound evil? probably. it probably is, but it is TOTALLY fun. i did my first layout tonight....it's posted on the blog.

hope you play with us! it'll be fun, i promise!! :)

Friday, June 09, 2006

this is a good week...

card picked up by Scrapbook Trends
layout for possible publication by Legacy
a layout for Memory Makers
an assignment!

and this i'm most excited about....
creative team for Designer Digitals

i almost peed in my pants when i saw the e-mail!

okay i will shut up now.

in other news.
i'm craving pad thai. been craving it all week.
this made me crave it even more.
and made me crave dim sum and pho.
especially the dim sum.
totally unrelated food craving - i want tacos from the taco truck. there is this one particularly good one...

and...happy birthday rachel!!!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Abusing the mojo...

Whoo. New goodies to play with = scrap like crazy. haha.
I've piled a lot of these because I don't want to post to 2Ps all at once....so I guess I'll give you a peek on here first, eh?

I posted these but I like them so you get to see them again :P

(I kept piling more and more stuff on here. I think I'd do Michelle proud...and did I tell you....this picture really cracks me up? I love how everyone is doing their own crazy thing. So funny. I look crazy. hahaha!)

okay. and then.

(Another "keep piling stuff on" LO...I've had this pic for a while, didn't know what to scrap it with....then I came home with this Wild Asparagus paper and that all changed.)

(Lotsa Hambly and some Marcella by Kay goodies I got for my b-day)

(More Hambly and other little things....this virgin Pina Colada I got when we were at the Bonaventure was expensive....but soooo yummy. But I can get the real ones now, yay. I like this one yep yep)

(Kaleidoscope stuff...I love this pic. Lotsa fun with the girls.)

(Wild Asparagus. Pretty stuff...and why do I keep using orange? Must be driving the mojo. lol.)

I hope it sticks around for a little while longer....

Monday, June 05, 2006


was quite interesting.

apparently the scrapbooker in me likes to take lots of pictures, even while drunk. the drunkard in me forgets how to take them. so i have lots of weird cut off, overexposed, out of focus shots in my collections.

it was memorable.

and today i was presented with 2 cakes.
and scrappy supplies(thanks michelle!)
and lots of beautiful b-day love creations on 2Ps.
thanks chriselda for organizing
and thanks everyone who participated.
i loved every single last one of them.
i felt loved

(this is later today. after the crazy part was all done)
here's to a good year.

back to getting stupid PDFs to load for oceanography...

Saturday, June 03, 2006

In less than 24 hours.....

...I will be a year older.

May flew by fast. This whole year passed by in a blur!

A lot sure has happened. And I think I've grown. Sort of.

Since I have to studay Sunday (oceanography. I HAVE to do well)...I'm celebrating early. Fun.

We went to take sticky pics today (Actually, they're not stickers so I'm not sure why we call them sticky pics). Cheesy?! Maybe. Fun? You bet.

I can't believe how fancy these machines have gotten, even since the last time I went to Japan. They print out in glitter stuff now! Crazy....

So it turns that an ooooold friend from, like, elementary school works at the sticky pic place. She's in 2 of the pictures...

And yeah. I am soooo scrapping these babies. Should be fun.

It's been insanely hot down here the last couple of days. Actually, it's not even *that* insanely hot, but it sure does feel like it. I've been downing the diet Pepsis (with lime) like crazy, which is horrible, but oh well.

I went scrapbook shopping twice in the last two days...considering I haven't walked into an LSS in almost 2 months, that is eventful. I went to the LSS nearest to me to pick up the June Scrapbook Trends (because I'm in it! whoo hoo!) and for some Kaleidoscope stuff...well they didn't have much left (strange. they always carry a lot of MME stuff), but I walked out with some other stuff and NO paper which is a first. ha. Went to Memories today to find the Kaleidoscope and with the intention of buying only the Kaleidoscope that I'd use to make my DT entry, which I was figuring to be more or less $10....but noooo. I walked out with $25 worth of stuff. What the heck? As I was telling Breanne....I should've just brought a $10 with me and only that much! haha

OH well.