Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I complain a lot about it....but I will miss this.

Well, with tomorrow's career with the Courier is officially over.

It feels kind of weird, actually. No more late Wednesdays. Wow.

It's been a stressful, eventful, and fun-filled 4 semesters (2 years). I contemplated quitting, I contemplated not coming back for this spring semester...but I'm glad I did. I stressed out over it, I almost got sued, I got lazy, I procrastinated, I almost crumbled under deadline. But it was all an amazing experience.

All the crazy times. All the hell sheets (for those who don't know what they are, they are these marked-up sheets that they hang in the front of newsroom with all the mistakes, etc.). The uncooperative and difficult sources. The crazy people who write crazy letters or come into the newsroom threatning to...well do lots of things. Ditching class or skipping lunch because I had to finish my story/page. Food/coffee runs with humongous orders, and everyone staring at me on the street. The fun-filled days at JACC. The awards. The scandals. The fluff. The drama. My G5. Quark. Calling the printer. The webcam. Crazy photogs. All the red marks on an edited copy. Hate mail. Fan mail. Blowing away the guys on staff with my sports knowledge. Yelling at people. Over-caffienating myself and getting on this crazy caffiene high, only to have my energy crash and wanting to pass out shortly after. Staying in the newsroom as late as 11 on Wednesdays. Getting frustrated while editing the stories of people who simply cannot write well. Depending on a story for your page....only to have it fall through and then having to frantically figure out how to fill the hole left. My Courier e-mail. The people. Oh yeah, most definitely importantly the people who I worked with.

I'm going to miss it all.

There were some times which the paper became unbearable. There were times I thought I couldn't take it anymore.

But in the was all worth it. Every little bit of it. And I will miss it. But I will cherish all the memories I made while I was on staff.

I'm pretty sure I'll be continuing on the media career path (for now anyway), so I'm sure I'm going to end up doing this somewhere else.

But this first experience writing for publication. Yes, that will definitely stand out in my mind as most memorable.

savor the journey.

savor the journey. cherish the experiences, the people you meet along the way....

i was at the social sciences awards at our school today because i got an honors for superior achievement in history. the division dean made an opening statement. that is what he said.

normally, i tend to pass over these sorts of speeches. but this one made me pause and think a little bit.

i always feel so behind in life. like everyone is ahead of me, and that i'm nowhere as accomplished as they are. my friends are talking graduation already. it's already a year away for them, if not sooner (some are only one quarter away). of course, if i started at a 4-year school, i would be graduating next year too.

but while they finish up, i'll be finishing up my GEs. to transfer. and then there's another 2 years to go.

san diego was fun. but when everyone was talking about the future, i couldn't help but feel really, really behind. there was the graduation talk. a couple of friends are studying abroad this summer, and one recently came back. one friend is starting a huge internship in a couple of weeks.

and here i stand. nowhere close to any of that.
i was dead-set on being a communications/journalism major all though college. and now 3 years through, i've started to contemplate changing it. to something more creative. which would mean that i would have to take another year's worth of classes.
am i nuts?!

it's not even just school. i can say that i'm behind in a LOT of areas of my life...

but savoring the journey. i've had some awesome experiences along the way. the reason why i'm a bit behind on GEs is because of all my journalism classes, which don't transfer to the schools i want to go to. but some of my best experiences of my college life so far have come out of being on the spotlight and courier staffs. some of my favorite people that i've met have come from spotlight and the courier.

so i don't know. maybe being behind isn't so bad after all.

i guess we all have a point to get to. and we all have our own ways of getting there. my friends have theirs. this is mine.

and maybe it's not so bad at all. i still have my journey ahead of me. and i guess it'll hold a lot more than i can ever anticipate.

Monday, May 29, 2006

last week of being 20...

and i'm back from the middle of nowhere. literally. i was in the middle of nowhere at one point. lol.

i took way too many pictures. i'm going ot the beach in a bit so i figured i'd post these before i had way too many pictures to post...

downtown vegas. which is less entertaining than the strip....oh well. i don't think it'll matter in a week, right?

we did venture off into the strip though. this is the celing from the lobby of the bellagio, which is always quite a sight.

the garden at the bellagio. patriotic theme right now. so we got to see a mini mt. rushmore!

the fountain show. which is always a kick to see...

on friday, we started our journey into the middle of nowhere. haha.
these pictures are from rhyolite, which is literally a ghost town. it was quite a big town around 1900, but all that remains are some of these ruins. i went there about a year ago and made my dad go back because i wanted more pictures of it. it is quite fascinating...

this is goldfield. another ghost town. but about 300 people still live there.

the old high school. which looks like it's going to fall apart at any was windy and you can hear the rickety-ness.

the courthouse. which was really cool.

this is part of the goldfield hotel. i was playing with angles...

and finally. tonopah, NV. where we stayed. i loved the best western we stayed at, they had fresh-baked cookies at night (yum) and free internet.

now tonopah itself. it was COLD. not so much the first day, but the second was SO windy that it was pushing me around. and freezing. brrrr.

but we went for this. gold panning. always fun.

i went shopping saturday and sunday. i went out venturing for capris and bottoms....i did buy 2 pairs, but i bought a TON of tops.

anyhow. breanne is making me, so here is my twice-annual foray into greediness. also known as a wish list.

- KI choices 2.
- the Karen Russel Narratives stickers by Creative Imaginations
- Heidi Swapp stuff. I either can't find it or when I do it's overpriced. grr.
- Doodlebug polkie flowers
- We R Memory Keepers Urban Window and Boho Chic stuff
- The Freestyle book. I still haven't bought it eeek.
- Chatterbox Chateau and Cottage.
- Queen & Co makeup collection embellies.
- Foofala stuff
- MM boho chic
- MM velvet letters
- Cherry Arte and Urban Lily

i can't think right now. haha. so i'm not as greedy as i usually am.

okay. happy memorial day!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Taking off....

...until Sunday. I'll be in Vegas tomorrow, Tonopah, a teeeeensy little town in Nevada on Friday, and Arizona Saturday (and Sunday). So if you don't see me, that's why. Just try not to miss me too much. *wink* just kidding.

I need to pack. And I'm itching to scrap for some reason, even though I am pretty exhausted from spending 13 hours at newspaper. I am going to get NO sleep tonight. Which is okay, I guess, because I can always sleep in the car. ha.

This is from the other day. When we went shopping. I was totally trying on the wackiest sunglasses ever, simply because they don't really look great on me.

Been playing with color conversions in Photoshop. I'm a play-and-learn kinda gal, so I'm sure I'll get the hand of it soon. This is how I learned Quark. My EIC sort of went "okay here's what you need to know, but you're only going to learn the rest if you play..." This is how I ended up learning Photoshop and eventually digi-scrapping. Fun stuff.

Some scrappy action from this week for ya -

I made Christmas cards last night. Super head start, no? haha. Not really. They were for a submission. I figured, it's never too early to start, right? ROFL. Especially for a procrastinator like me...

Okay well. I guess I'm off now!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Graffiti is just the Yahoo version of pictionary.

But dude. I love playing this with friends. Because it usually ends up getting really, really hilarious.

We've played the last two nights and I could NOT stop laughing. Last night, I also took screen I'm going to see if YOU can guess what they are






I usually end up getting really competitive and start typing out lots of CAPS, nonetheless. And when I can't figure out what the heck it is, I start guessing really bad things...yep. My mind is in the gutter. Blame it on the late nite girls.

a. the word was football player. i drew this. rather pitiful.
b. this was supposed to be a "babe." which is really ironic because everyone kept guessing "ugly woman."
c. whistle. don't ask.
d. your guess is as good as mine, because we skipped this before anyone got it.
e. trampoline. this was my drawing. sooo bad.

okay yeah, that was fun. thanks for letting me indulge in my amusement.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

in exactly 2 weeks, i will be 21.

but first. i must profess my undying love for san diego....

seriously. perfect weather, pretty beaches....yeah.
saturday was a perfect. i wish we ended up at the beach saturday.

i also love these girls -

we had some boys with us too. but we utilized them as photographers. ha.

we ended up at the la jolla cove yesterday. last time i was there, there were cute little baby seals there....and i fell in love with the area and declared that i was going to get married there. this seals, but we ventured inside the cove.

above the beach area, there's a walkway. so we were strolling around, and decided we wanted jumping pictures. which were really hard to take because of my slow-shutter, non-SLR camera. but we got these.

i even attempted a toe-touch. which i haven't done in a while. anyways. i dunno if it's the jumping, rock-climbing on the shore (not quite rock-climbing but we did have to walk on rocks to get into the cove), or this, but i'm crippled today (and i can see michalle laughing at me around now).

we went to watch the da vinci code last night. it was...confusing? probably because i haven't read it yet. and some parts were really slow. i don't know if it needed to be 3 hours long.

we went to TGIF afterwards...1/2 price appetizers. potato skins, buffalo wings and spinach dip....yummmmmm. the over-21s ordered pretty drinks.

in 2 weeks, i can join them too. yayness!

bunches of random pics. i really wanna go to UCSD. i wish i was going to be down there starting next semester. 'twas a fun weekend.

one last thought - happy birthday michelle!!!!

Friday, May 19, 2006

San Diego, here I come!

Yep, again.
It turns out I'll be in San Diego tomorrow and Saturday, so I figured I'd do a quick post...

So school has ended for a couple of my friends, and they are starting to trickle home....
Lucky gals, I have 3 weeks(?) or so left.

I got a letter in the mail saying I'm getting some history award. Hmm...I hope that comes with money? ha!


{may 15}
uh. yeah. moving along.

{may 16}
"makeup whore"
YES. i put makeup on! hahaha
a mirror shot. i wanted a picture of myself putting on makeup
i look like i have a lot of makeup on in this - because my cheeks are red.
but i didn't have that much on in here...

{may 17}
"10:37 p.m."

This is me eagerly awaiting to leave newspaper....
Lots of last-minute stuff including a juicy story so we were there for quite a while last night
And lots of drama today....
one of the clubs on campus totally ripped up $400 worth of papers today because they were pissed that they weren't getting enough coverage.
Our adviser wants to sure them. Campus police says the $400 in damage qualifies for a felony.
Oh and the guy we wrote the juicy story on (our athletic director got sued for sexual harrassment. You can read the story if you follow the PCC Courier link in the sidebar) has been getting rid of bunches of paper.
Yep I missed all of that because I was out.

And today's picture is missing because it's on my friend's camera.
We went shopping and I totally forgot to bring my camera!!!
Expect some funny pictures of us (okay, ME. since I'm bain) trying on some funny sunglasses.

I haven't scrapped all week because my abused mojo is still missing. Hopefully over the weekend...

One last thought - I can't believe I have to go 4 months without Grey's Anatomy! pfft!

Monday, May 15, 2006

mommy day love

(I wrote this up yesterday. Pics were having trouble uploading. So it gets posted today).

I don't take a ton of photos with or of my mommy. My parents just refuse to keep up with my camwhore-ness. But I really do love my mommy. She puts up with all my crap and my whining and my laziness and pickiness....and everything, basically. We all get annoyed at our mothers, I certainly do, but I love her. A lot. So mom (even though she's not reading this), Happy Mothers Day!

We had a family gathering for Mothers Day. We played softball (I hit a couple of balls) and swam. And there was more attention paid to the babies in our families than the mothers. But why not if they are this adorable -

{may 14}

My cousin's lil baby. Seven months. Is she not the cutest thing EVER?! My other cousin's 10-month baby was there too, but I couldn't get good shots of him. But babies. Sooooooooo cute.

Speaking of my other cousin...she almost ended up working at SBA. She worked for Future...was the boss of SBA's current circulation manager....did some hiring or was going to do some hiring for SBA....but got pregnant and was bedridden. Then she quit. Yep. Interesting coincidence, no?

Uh. moving along.

(yeah I'm doing backwards)

{may 13}

I took this specifically for a LO. Which is this

Speaking of LOs. The new dare was the coolest thing ever. Which resulted in one of my coolest LOs ever.

So my mojo seems to come in quick spurts. I did something like 6 LOs in the span of 48 or so hours, then after that....nothing. No inspiration, just nothing. I just sit there pushing paper around. Michelle says I abuse my mojo. Which might be true. haha.

Uh. Moving along again.

{may 12}
"2 a.m."

Uh, yes. This is how my space looks right after scrapping a LO. Actually, it doesn't look much different normally, but hey. Whatever. haha.

Among other things -
Grey's Anatomy finale. OH MY GOD. I had my mouth hanging open for a while
I am now counting down the hours until 9 p.m. tomorrow
then i'll be counting down the days til the premiere....lalala...

Saturday, May 13, 2006

scrappy action

for most of this week, i had no energy, time, motivation, or mojo to scrap.
now it's the end of that week and looksie -

(digi. loving Tia's new Growth kit from SS)


(in case you haven't noticed digi)

(digi for Michelle)

(this sassafrass makes me happy!)

(this is a re-do from a LO i did a couple weeks ago)

so, tracy white told me: ""Beautiful! I need you to give me some digi lessons! You're terrific."

yep, still doing the happy dance.

uh, PODs will be posted later, i'm too lazy to upload them....haha!
have a nice weekend, y'all!