Sunday, April 30, 2006

Quite possibly my new addiction.....?


I saw this idea in Glamour for wallpapering (i guess it wouldn't be paper, huh?) your walls with lace.
So I was at Jo Ann, and looking for sheets, rather than spools of luck.
But I found this tulle. Cheap stuff. And I have a lot of it.
The white one was in the remnant pile....and I think I scored it for 16 cents or some ridiculously cheap price of that sort.

UCLA officially rejected me yesterday.
Now if UCSD will send me their rejection....
I can move on, take stats over the summer, apply again by July 31, and see what happens.

New Grey's Anatomy today! Hooray! I was going nuts during their 2 week hiatus!

Oh and BTW - I'm starting a Photo-of-the-day tomorrow.
There's a challenge going on Diversity Designs, but if you'd like to join me on the blog, go ahead and please do :)

Saturday, April 29, 2006

tap-ex jenga

first of all - it's baseball bias day. this week i wrote about j.d. drew >> give it love.

so I went to tapioca express tonight...
me and Amy showed up way later than everyone else, so when we got there, there was a bunch of empty drink cups...

so they started to stack them into a pyramid.

they stuck my drink on the bottom row, and I felt like drinking out of it....
so i took it out and exclaimed "Jenga!"

so...tri took out another drink and piled it on top.

then.....everyone blew on the cups and knocked them down. jenga, indeed. (why don't i have pictures of the collapsed cups?!)

it was also paparazzi atmosphere in there....this is the group of friends that are all obsessed with their cameras. so we had about 5 cameras taking pictures of this.

.....just something I just found amusing tonight.

Anyways. I scrapped. Yayness.

for this week's dare....i'm not completely, head-over-heels in love with this. the dare was sponsored by hambly so i decided to use mine because i haven't played with it in a while....but it didn't quite come together the way i wanted it to. hmmmm. maybe i'll do another. hahah. still. i'm completely in love with these screenprints. i mean. they are totally gorgeous. and yep, i used one of those reflection photos from yesterday. although i completely messed one up since i did something really weird. oops.

for the ad inspiration challenge in the pub over at 2Ps...loved this week's ad, but this looks, uhh....not very alike? I didn't save and print the ad, sort of went with what was in my memory....i remembered the big picture but i felt like using that space for patterned paper....and i remember there being 3 small photos. so, you see, there is some connection.

I figured i'd share my crop addict LOs since we started uploading on monday. this kit was so fun! this paperloft stuff was so cool, and something i wouldn't have played with if it weren't for the kit. but it was awesome! (oh and i got next month's kit today.....and trust me, it just keeps getting better and better!)

(these boshers are WAY cool)

anyone see this? i'm a total KI addict, totally thinking of going for this one! eeeek.

Thursday, April 27, 2006


call me vain if you wish. i really am vain.
but i really felt like experimenting with self-portraits and did this with the bathroom mirror....

I saw this kind of thing in a magazine with Alicia Keys. I thought it was cool.
It's kind of weird in a way because it looks like I have a twin. But it's cool.
Really good for self-reflection type of LOs, I think.

Basically, I felt like scrapping....and I am so out of pics I'm dying to scrap so I had to take some. haha.

I am sure that if Nora is reading this, she is probably dying from laughter by now....

I went to Sav-On to pick up a perscription and it cost $93.82. Ouch....

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Jury Duty.....

I know it's necessary in our system and all, but sheesh. Can we say - a waste of a day?

Doesn't help that the timing was the most horrible EVER. Wednesday = newspaper. I also had something due for oceanograpy, but I think that will work out. argh.

So anyways, I'd been calling and not expecting to be told not to report. So I went nuts when I found out that I did have to show up today, and when I found out I had to be THERE at 7:45 a.m., I was like "are you f-ing kidding me?!"

Which meant....I had to wake up at 6:30 or so, which I haven't done since high schoo.

So I did show up on the area, that is. You see, downtown L.A. has about 3 courthouses within about a block of each other - a criminal one, a federal one, and the superior court building. I was supposed to report to the criminal one - but for some reason I forgot that there were multiple couthouses I walked into the federal one. When I couldn't find a room 302 on either the fifth (my summonst said to report to the fifth floor) OR the third floor....I went back down to the main lobby and asked "am I even in the right place?"

Obviously, I was supposed to be at the courthouse across the street. So. When I'm in line....the girl behind me goes "...I was already late and I went to the wrong court...." I was like "OMG, me too!" lol. At least I wasn't the only one, right?

On our 15-minute break in the morning, the lady talks about some Starbucks around the corner. Since I was still half-asleep, I go in search of that. So I circle the area 2 times....still can't find it. Time was up. I went back. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR. Not cool. I WANTED MY COFFEE!!!!!!!

So my day consisted of.....falling asleep.....running out of reading material.....being bored...and spending way too much money on food/snacks/beverages because I tend to keep eating when I'm bored.

The woman kept talking about all the nearby sights you could check out downtown....but like.....what is the point if I don't have a camera, right? lol. I did venture out to the Grand Central Market for lunch....ventured way too far and went into a not-so-nice area of downtown. It was....uh....interesting. Yep.

So after lunch....they didn't call any panels for about 2.5 hours. They called 30 people then....who I all felt sorry for....because they let us out shortly after.

And now I'm done for a year.

So no panels, not on a case, nothing. Which is great....but geez. Eight hours of doing nothing?!

I sooooooo could've scrapped a ton then!

This was one of those situations when I wished I had a laptop/iPod/other portable device. hmmph

Anyways......this must be my week scrapping-wise! There was that digi LO picked up by Legacy the other day, 2 from ST yesterday (one digi) and SBA picked one up today too :) whoo. I am way excited! :)

Monday, April 24, 2006

on this brain of mine

i wore my hair in a bun today. usually, i have so much trouble getting my hair in a decent bun because my hair is layers, but my hair is getting waaaay long so it worked. i think i looked cute thankyouverymuch (yes, i am vain).

i need to cut my hair really badly. i was going to do it this weekend....but i was scrapping away instead. maybe this weekend.

have you noticed that i've stopped properly capitalizing my blog entries lately? my copy editor (oh wait, we don't have an official one anymore) would be disappointed. lol.

i got a digi LO picked up today. totally cool. it was one of my favorites, too (i mean overall)! maybe i should stick to submitting digi because i'm 1-for-1 and for everything else i'm about 5 for 3904829034802384023840123817293. not exactly but you get the idea. heehee.

got some more scrapping goodies in the mail today....including some 6 cent mustard moon paper. yeah that was sweeeeet. also some supercute KI stickers, among other things....can't wait to play although i think i need some scrapping rest? heehee

i feel like i'm in a rut right now....not just scrap-wise but in general. hmmm...think i need to branch out a bit.

so back to school. and the one thing i missed was my newspaper computer! heehee. i walked in and turned it on and was like "ooooooooh how i missed this thing." gotta love those supercool G5s.

tis an awesome day for LA sports...dodgers won and clippers are 2-0 in the playoffs! whoo hoo! history says that once teams win the first two games in a playoff series, 95% of them go on to win the series, so odds are in the clips' favor. whoo hoo.

oh. i'm out of nutella. totally sad. need to go to the supermarket...

okay i think i'm done blabbing.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Scrappin' Fool I am....

That was me this weekend. Actually, it's been me this whole week because of spring break. Can't believe that is over now. Argh.

I participated in TSS's cyber crop this weekend. I did 10 LOs total, along with a tag and a card.

Lots of challenges there....I think I did all but two of them. Phew. Love how challenges force me to...well, challenge myself.

Now my mojo is exhausted....and I'm sure I'll be struggling this whole week. Mehhh. Oh well.

Anyways, thought I'd share :)

The challenge was to focus on hand journaling. You can click to make it larger and I think you can read it.

Use three products. I used patterned paper, Rub-ons and letter stickers.

White background + black&white picture. I did this one digitally...primarily because I didn't want to get up off the computer. ha.

Cardstock only LO. Boy, this one was hard. This is heavily influenced by Elsie/

Had to use 3 photos, 3 embellishments, 3 patterned papers, 3 pieces of cardstock, 3 journaling blocks and the number 3. A toughie....but a good one. Finally cut up the gorgeous Urban Couture.

Used the last thing you purchased on a LO. I bought the diecut and the KI epoxies when I went shopping Friday, so I put it on here.

A seasonal LO. This picture screamed spring and I thought the BG rub-ons went with it perfectly!

This is based on a sketch...and I had to use black cardstock!

A LO about family. I did it on how my mom and I are alike. A digi, BTW.


I need pictures. Like I'm never going to run out of pictures, but they're the sort that don't make me want to rush and scrap them, you know? I guess a POD is in order. Who wants to join me?

SS has a call out right now for a bunch of holiday ones, everyday life. I had a ton thanks to the PODs...problem is, they went bye-bye when my computer died...whoops.

I'm on call for jury duty this week. Don't have to show up tomorrow, but I have to call this hotline every day this week to see if I every have to report....

So did you know...I have all this Easter candy....and I forgot about it all last week? Yeah, go me! lol.

Friday, April 21, 2006

where did the week go?

seriously. spring break is like....pretty much over.



today is friday. which means it's baseball bias day (for me anyway, since NL west goes up friday).
go give it some love.

so i went shopping today.
i took not very much money with me to force me to restrain myself...
i was in and find out there is an anniversary sale and the whole store is 20% off
i knew i went there for a reason! lol

anyways. here is what i got.

i came in just under $20.
i figured i had new stuff still waiting to be played with
and i have another 2Ps order coming (another GC - thanks kim!)

that new sassafrass lass is so adorable that it makes me smile looking at it.

those basic grey rub-ons are supercool. suzanne did a LO that really turned me onto them.

the KI epoxies were cheaper than i was expecting me to be. i think the organized line is my favorite out of the new stuff, and i have some of the paper and the stickers coming, so i got the epoxy alphas. those were the only new KI embellies they had in stock over there today anyways.

what else? always love those kaleidoscope die-cuts. the chester paper i've been wanting for awhile, last time I went to this particular (not-so-local) LSS, they didn't have it and i haven't been there til today, sooo. one sheet of paper salon waaay in the corner. oh and i've been coveting the winnie's wall from SEI since i saw it anyway.

So. Anyways.
I scrapped.

this is for the leave memories DT challenge. i had to be inspired by something in my pantry. guess what my inspiration piece was? yeah=huh. nutella. what else? hahaha. only i would. sarah told me to use nutella as ink and i was like "that is SUCH a waste of nutella!"

this was inspired by jamie waters's article in the may CK. inspired by one of the sketches in here. i want to try to do the 12 LOs in 3 hours. one day. but mostly, i wanted to play with the sassafrass stuff. and i liked this sketch. yep.

this one is for the senior year album. and totally weird. but in a cool way. picture cutout. yep.

i need picture mojo. i've pretty much scrapped all of my good recent photos. most of them. i think i need to do a POD again. anyone care to join me?

so. the late nite girls in the pub are nuts. last night was especially crazy. omigoodness. it was all going downhill when i got there....but we were speaking about "pea-ness"es. yep.i definitely hopped on the "ban wagon." LOL

Thursday, April 20, 2006

I'm random. So sue me.

i'm allergic to my glasses.
i tend to *ahem* not wear them, but i'm allergic to them
i have these patches of irritation on my cheeks...
so i got it checked out today....
and i'm allergic to my glasses
so i'm probably going to end up in contacts
and emo glasses whoo.

i went to jo-anns in search of the may CK
found that, walked around...
they have summer stacks already?
i figured i'd wait til next week (can always use cardstock)
because they have 50% coupons
but i ventured out of the scrapping section
found this stuff

yep. lace.
i have a feeling i can get obsessed with this stuff.
btw, they have spools selling for a buck so if you want lace too...
go check it out.

speaking of may ck....
can't wait to devour it.
in need of inspiration here.

wanted to go scrap shopping this week.
like can you belive i've only stepped foot inside an LSS once in the last two months?
i've gotten cool DT stuff and RAK stuff (thanks people!)
and my 2Ps order came though
so i'm pretty well off
but i want me a shopping trip...

i can't believe it's thursday already
why do breaks go by soooo fast?

costco's $1.50 hot dogs rock.

and this has gotta be my favorite digi to date.
fun stuff.
i plan on paper-scrapping today though.

weather is perfect today!
but it's supposedly going to rain on saturday

okay, i am now off for some shaved ice.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

lazy lazy lazy

that's how i'd describe my first couple days of spring break. and i love it. teehee.

scrap-wise, though, i was really productive yesterday. 5 LOs. am i superscrapper or what? lol

my 2Ps order arrived when I got included some of the new KI.

Used the cool Starbucks coasters. Brunneous = having a dark brown color.

i found these old pics in a box. and it brought back some memories sooo. these were from my 13th birthday.

A b-day lift which ended up being more like an "inspired by."

i was trying to be clever here. dunno if i succeeded or not. ha.

okay, now for a bit of self-promotion. i started writing for baseball bias again two weeks ago. i kept forgetting to link my articles here. so i'll give you this now and urge you to go give my stuff some more hits. ha.

also joined the diversity designs design team over the weekend. loved their concept of trying to promote diversity in the scrapbooking industry. i'm a big fan of promoting diversity anywhere. yep. i get to work with some very cool people too, so i can't wait to get started!

i don't know what else to say. perhaps i'll be back later in the week with something interesting to write about!

happy spring!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

happy easter folks :P

i missed the egg hunting this year and therefore the competition for the $10 egg and the most money (we went to bed at 6 a.m. and woke up around 1) and the most money...but i came home with a full stomach...but i came home with a full stomach and a huge plate of desserts.


i arrived in irvine friday evening in the midst of crappy weather. we went to the corner bakery which is yummy. then we hung out. while i was waiting for our friend judy to come, i let nora and her boy watch lost together ... and spent an hour on the phone with Michelle for an hour.

we weren't leaving for san diego til saturday evening, so i had the whole afternoon to kill since nora wanted to study. so...i arranged to meet up with THE burberrygirl in irvine.

we met at a asian tea place...had lunch there. then guess where we went?

yeah. where else did you expect?! hahah.

so she took a bunch of awesome pictures of can go see them on her blog. and she kept trying to dodge my camera with her big one....but i did catch one of her without her camera blocking her face. bwhahah.

so then we went to S.D....ate some awesome mexican food and then went back to amy's apartment. and celebrated. yep.

that is how i looked the entire night. ....yeah.

here's to spring break!

I also got tagged by my awesome fellow SBA DTer Natalie. The assignment is to pick someone and write 5 things about them. Since I just met Michelle, i'm going to just do her.

1. She's hilarious. Like...she kept me cracking up all afternoon Saturday.
2. The girl and I can talk about food like no other. And scare people off with that!
3. She's an awesome photographer. Let me pimp the photos she took of me again >> on her blog
4. The girl has talent. Lots of it. I mean, you have to check out the eye candy on her blog (which I've linked several times) and in her 2Ps gallery.
5. She's just an all-around cool person. Can't wait to hang with her again!!

Okay....who to tag. Michelle is it....and so is Erin, Rachel, and Nadine. Have fun!

Thursday, April 13, 2006


- it is really sunny and HOT outside!
- i went to starbucks twice. Michelle would be proud. ha.
- found these cool coaster/cards that everyone's been telling me about at starbucks. unfortunately, they only had a couple of them left so i only had 3 to choose from. but these are totally gonna make it onto a LO of mine.
- i had yummy thai buffet for lunch. yayness for pad thai and curry
- unfortunately, it was a bit too soon after the coffee so i got full too fast....
- ...and couldn't eat too much....
- ...but still tried to force myself to eat more and more and that made me remember why i am not a huge fan of buffets
- took my philosophy midterm and think i did well despite the lack of studying :P
- went to michales, bought two spools of ribbon, but one is missing?
- went to Barnes&Noble and chilled with a stack of mags
- have a bunch of LO ideas swirling in my head....
- but unfortunately, I should really finish this birthday mini album first AND alter the tin i'm putting it in.
- am finally on spring break!!!!!

tomorrow -
- i'm skipping class heeheee (i'm horrible)
- going to irvine! (and then going to san diego on saturday)
- i'm hoping it's not going to rain, but i know it is

ah yes. it feels like spring is finally here!! :)

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Life has been pretty uneventful lately, but I felt like I should pop in.
SO if I bore you...sorry!

Spring break is next week!
The problem is, of course, that most of my friends had theirs about 2 weeks ago.
So unfair.
At least next year I'll have the same spring break as almost everyone this time.

I think I'll be going to San Diego this weekend to kick it off.
My dear friend Amy's birthday is Thursday and we're gonna go celebrate!
I love San Diego/La Jolla. I love her condo. I love that whole area.
It's so pretty.

She wants me to move in with her so she can kick out one of her roomies...
now that was *the plan* had I ended up at UCSD in the fall....
but since it looks like that's not happening
although I could work down there or something....
but I mean, I still do want to go to UCLA in the winter.
Now if UCLA ends up rejecting me when I re-apply...then that would be perfect.

Ahhhhh. craziness.

So this weekend.
I went to the Angels/Yankees game.
Can you believe that I went to an ANgels game before a Dodgers one this year?!
I'll be going to Dodger stadium on May 9 though!
Anyways. The Angels got blown out. I hate the Yankees. I got sunburned.

I also scrapped this weekend, so I'm gonna share -

For the Dare this week which was just WAY awesome. Seriously, LOVE LOVE LOVE it. For this...I doodled on the photo with a pushpin! lol

Okay, I know you guys think I'm CRAZY with this but chill. So one night on one of the late night threads, I was lagging so it was taking me forever to Wendy (WendyReedPea) was like "maybe caroline got lost in a rub of Nutella." I thought that was hilarious. Then Michelle (burberrygirl) was like "you should Photoshop yourself into a Nutella jar and scrap it." So guess what? I did. LOL. It was too funny not to.

I also photoswapped with Michelle and this is what she came up with. Isn't it amazing? And how did I not guess that Nutella was going to be involved?! hahaha!

Okay, I got lazy so that's it.
I get to take a midterm today....Online.
Yep, you read right - ONLINE.
brilliant idea, isn't it? lol
I also have to write a 2 pager paper on Tomb Raider and go turn it in....
but do you see me doing that?! no.
okay I'm off!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

So let go. Get in. Cuz it's so amazing here...

Have you seen all the amazing entries for Rhonna's 21-day Challenge? They are totally fabulous and inspiring.

I'm not taking part in the challenge...but they did inspire me to start my own art journal. At my own pace, doing my own thing, branching out to a bunch of things. And so the other night, I took the plunge and started my book.

I had this blank notebook/journal type thing that I got from Target lying around for a while so I decided to use that since I'm too lazy to go look for something else. The book is divided into three sections - so I decided to use each section for something. One for lyrics, one for quotes and one for just thoughts I have floating around in this mind of mine.

So far, I've used a ton of paint and ink. lol. And stamping. And paper. I want to branch out to other techniques though.

This is the first entry. Sort of just getting myself started. When I got my heart broken by the boy, I really connected with the lyrics in Kelly Clarkson's "Behind These Hazel Eyes" because I thought - that's me. Even when I'm totally ripped up inside, I refuse to show it. I don't want to seem weak. In high school, people used to comment about how I never seemed sad or depressed, even when I faced rejection or disappointment. I was always going about my business in this peppy mode, even if I was really a mess and wanted to burst into tears.

I started journals throughout high school. And at the start of every one, I made a promise to myself to let myself go in each one. But looking back on these books, I never did. It's filled with such trivial things. Most of it is a day-by-day, or week-by-week sort of play-by-play. I couldn't even really let these feelings go in a private journal - something that no one was going to read but myself.

Even now, I don't like to share these sorts of things. I just don't. I guess I'm afraid. That if I let it show, people would think less of me or something. I didn't want people to feel sorry for me. I didn't want to let people down. I just wanted to deal with everything by keeping it all inside of me.

What I was good at was sort of mentioning it and glossing over everything.

I know that no one is perfect. I know everyone has imperfections. Life isn't perfect. I admire those who can easily let it go and let it out. Who can express them and deal with it that way.

So. I made the promise again. That I won't hold it back in here. This is a project just for ME. Not anyone else. For me to pour everything out onto paper, while playing with paper, paint and the like.

Somehow, it's been easier with the paper and the paint. I don't know why.

Which brings me to this.

Remember I mentioned that my transferring is most likely to be delayed for a semester?

I said something like "well I can take the fun classes like design and photography."

And I can.
And I will eventually get out of PCC.


I feel frustrated. And I'm pissed at myself. It's the math requirement that is holding me back. Yes, I'll be done with it by the summer. But what I really should've done is taken it earlier. WAY earlier. Not wait and make it be the last class I take.

I feel like being here is holding me back. I'm scared to move on into the next stage. But I was game. I felt like I was starting to accept the fact that I had to grow up and I was kind of looking forward to the challenge.

But now I have to wait a little longer. I'm still stuck.

Anyways. Sorry for the novel. But I hope I can keep letting it out in this little book.

If you made it this far - I give you kudos.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

hi from the wilshire grand!

It's 3:34 a.m. (stupid daylight savings) and I have to check out in, like, 8 hours or so, but I'm stealing Steve's laptop to update this thing.

I'm also stealing his memory card reader to post pictures...all from tonight. hehe.

soooooo....I won an honorable mention for sports writing!! whoo hoo! They switched my competition like 3 times and I ended up doing sports....which ended up being a baseball game. I also got an honorable mention for mail-in magazine feature, but my certificate is they have to mail it.

We went to this cool revolving lounge place on e the 35th floor of the Bonaventure hotel. It gave a 360 degree (well in an hour) of downtown L.A. Love d. owntown L.A. illuminated at night. So pretty

We took a scenic walk back to our hotel. L.A. isn't a great idea at 1 a.m. but hey it was awesome. lol.

so i also wanted to upload some photos from one of the photogs but since all his files are CR2 or something....I'll wait til I get a CD from him. ha.

Tootles, y'all!