Thursday, March 30, 2006

and so i'm off

so it's almost 8 and i'm finally ready to take off
except i needed to print off people's phone numbers
especially one of the girls i'm rooming with because she's the one that had to go check in

so i just finished packing a little bit ago
am i crazy for bringing like 4 pairs of shoes? (sneakers, cute brown shoes, ballet flats, flip-flops and i almost took an extra pair of flips)
i also packed 394820482034 outfits.
mostly because the weather is flaky and i don't know how it's going to hold up.
also packed a bunch of toiletries/cosmetics

and since i was sent some nutella samples....
grabbed a couple of those to put on bagels or whatever they'll have for breakfast.

til sunday....
well maybe not because i'll be bugging someone for their laptop.
ha. ;)

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

food. makes. me. happy.

is that such a bad thing? lol

today -
amy brought me a poptart (which i usually crave on wednesdays)
someone went on a jamba run
my friends went out for some pho for i made them deliver some.

ah yes, i am quite happy.
the paper might also be running on schedule for the first time in forever! lol

tomorrow i take off for the weekend for a journalism conference (jacc). in downtown LA. so i get to spend 3 nights in a hotel that is about 20 minutes away from home. ha. fun.

these jaccs are totally fun though. and this will be my last ones....soooooo....i should make the most of it in terms of networking and portfolio is a mess and i would need to buy a new one sooo....meh.

i've been using that a lot. meh.

i had an oceanography test today. that class confuses me. so does anything related to science and math. so i guess that's not surprising huh?

hm. maybe i should do a digi while i'm here....
god, i'm horrible aren't i? ha.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Think Blue, baby!

We had a picnic today for the Dodgers community over on Livejournal...I hardly use my LJ and haven't really checked/posted in the community lately...but anyway. Cool people on there. So the mod (he is missing in the picture) of the community organized a picnic get-together a month or so ago...and that was today. So not a ton of people came (I also dragged Elaine along with me)....but 'twas fun. Love being around people who are as passionate about the Dodgers as I am!

I was especially excited to meet this girl - Alicia. We friended each other in the community after some drama started with this one groupie-ish girl...we both loved Shawn Green when he was with the Dodgers, but I really respected her for her deep baseball knowledge. Really, this girl knows her stuff so well. So we friended each other's journals...and talked on AIM a couple times too. Today we finally met. She was awesome. So glad I had the opportunity to meet her!

I soooo want to meet some scrapping people now. Really. Meeting people who are passionate as much as you are rocks.

I'm off to Elaine's in a bit....but a bit of disappointment....
I may not be able to transfer til the winter quarter.
I got rejected from my backup school.
Because of how I lumped a bunch of the required classes til the end...
The winter deadline is in July so I'll be done with everything then....
But now I have the whole fall open.
I'm thinking of taking photography, design and dance for fun....
But I want to get out.
And well, I'm kicking myself in the ass for leaving all these classes til the end....
So I'm a bit mad at myself.

But...since we'll be scrapping tonight (she decided she wanted to play a little bit)
we went to Memories after the picnic....
I didn't buy a TON of stuff
but new paper rocks.
And...did I tell you the Paper Salon stuff is just really really reallyyyy great?

Ah yes, pretty paper takes care of everything.

I can't wait for me 2Ps order (I had a GC) to get here because I have some yummy Basic Grey, KI and American Crafts in there!!!!! eeeeeeek!

UCLA's going to the final 4!

And I've been hooked on Nutella these days. I used to think it was really overrated. I never really saw why everyone kept getting hooked on it. I never felt the need to rush out and get it....anyways. I was sent a bottle of it last week from this word-of-mouth site I'm a part of. And so I opened it up when I first got it because I was craving chocolate....And let me tell I am definitely hooked. Yummmmmm.

Friday, March 24, 2006

i've got a new hard drive....

....and this computer works, but maybe i shouldn't jinx myself.

i'm horrible.
so while i was waiting for the paper to be ready to get sent to the printer yesterday....
i DLed some kits....
and played....

and came up with this.

today i came up with....


loving these january and feburary freebie kits at the digigoddesses anne langpap and rhonna farrer - who praised the LOs! i was like WHOA. they are amazing at this digi thing.

yeah so this digi thing is superfun. but you know. i can't give up my paper scrapping.

i've been on a 12x12 kick lately.
the last 3 LOs i've done are 12x12

lots of gin-x that i realized i had in my stash. i tend to forget about things. i really do love that dress. i need some place to wear it though! i have a weakness for pretty dresses....but i never have places to wear them! at least in high school we had dances every once in awhile!

i've got like 10 LOs in my "to be scanned/posted" queue. so sorry if i flood the 2Ps gallery over the next couple of days...

i get to start uploading new crop addict LOs tomorrow....actually technically go check them out!

Enough about scrapping already.

i am quite chipper today.
must be the weather.
i wore a teeshirt today for the first time in forever.
(by that i mean, by itself and not as a layering tool)
i went for a walk around my neighborhood tonight with amy and cristin....
who live by me.
and so. we went for a walk.
it was quite refreshing.
must do that more often.

they said i shrunk. i was like "i can't possibly get any shorter" but they meant i shrunk horizontally. yayness.

my friends are starting to come home for spring break!
elaine came home tonight!
too bad my spring break isnt' til april 17.
oh well.

so i have class at 9 tomrrow...
so off to bed i go.

Monday, March 20, 2006

it's dead. again.

my copmputer went back to the dead on friday...
i was supposed to get a new hard drive when they came over on thursday, but they didn't install one because the recovery discs worked.
so when programs stopped responding on friday, i called sony again and yep, i still need a new hard drive.
so it won't be fixed til at least tomorrow.

so are my HOF LOs...(i retrieved them from the my e-mail outbox)

Assignment A (candid photo)

Assignment B (10 photos, etc)

Assignment C (journaling - life-changing moment)

Trend Watch (inspired by the ad for "She's the Man"....don't have a scan for it right now....but it turned out really different from it)

Personal Statement




Thursday, March 16, 2006


no call for me from the 801 area code.
*le sigh*
oh well.
i can't wait to post these layouts, though
i have to rescan all of these!!!

i'm in pretty good company from what i see in the pub....
can't wait to see who won!!!
i'm guessing a couple of the winners. hehe.


(for scrapbook survivor #3)

computer guy came over this morning
well they woke me up this morning
asked when i wanted them to fix it
and i said ASAP
and he said he'd be there between 9-1
so i went back to my slumber
til phone rang
and he came and worked on it for like 20 minutes
and now it works
but i'm updating from the newspaper office because....
i'm waiting for people
we have a little bowling shindig tonight

camera ready to go but i don't feel like using it.

(i actually typed this up earlier tonight but blogger was being stupid so here it is now...)

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


calls have started
i am now officially antsy
and i'll be in front of a computer all day long thanks to newspaper
okay back to eating my lunch

and yes, i cried when the computer went down. lol.

2Ps is being reeeeeaaaallllyyyy slow

good luck everyone who entered!!
crossing fingers for you! the midst of decreased productivity....
i bring you.....
more webcam photos.
this time with crazy effects...

oky, no effect on this one but it's funny. this is orlando. i like playing with his hair.

nothing like funny pics to have you cracking up and taking your mind off things...

Monday, March 13, 2006

Life without a computer....

My home computer crashed on Saturday. Soooooo until the Sony guy comes over with a new hard drive, I'll be without computer access from home.


We all know how useless I am without a computer. So life without one = not cool.

I also lost everything! The good news is that there was only 3 months worth of stuff on there, and that most of the pictures I cared abotu have been scrapped, or posted here or on Facebook (although they were resized). The bad news is that well, there goes everything.


I'll be online as I'm in the Courier office.

Ah well, the good news - I won't be glued to the Pub and driving myself crazy with HOF stuff. haha.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Random Friday

My head hurts...

So it's freezing over here. By freezing, I mean mid-50s but in southern California, that is pretty freaking cold. Snow levels are at 1500 ft. or something like that! And it's windy and it's supposed to rain....

So I say stay in and scrap all weekend. Whoo hoo.

I did that yesterday. I got some of these gorgeous Hambly papers yesterday...and as soon as I saw them, I immediately thought "skip class and play." Horrible student I am. I know I know. So I did an SBA assignment with them....among other things -

I'm telling you. These papers are more gorgeous in person. Like super super super amazingly gorgeous. Seriously.

I like that a lot of these new lines of paper are like art. They're practically frameable. I remember EK told me that her roomies suggested she frame the Basic Grey Urban Couture and decorate their living room around it....I thought "yeah, I could totally imagine decorating a room with this!" LOL

My Urban Couture is not showing up til April though. That is unless I go shopping at an actual LSS.

So this HOF talk. Getting me antsy. So totally not going to win but it's still driving me nuts. Must. get. off. 2Ps!

I did lose in the pool for when calls would start so I owe 2 sheets of PP and 2 sheets of cardstock. pffft.

So today is ArtNight in Pasadena...where they open up all their art museums with free admission for the night...and have shuttles running through them. In newspaper, it's a big deal. In my two years on staff, I've never been to one. So, I thought maybe I should go since this is my last semester and I've always kind of wanted to go....but the weather is crappy, alas, I am not going.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Hump Day = Webcam action

I haven't played with it a ton today. I think I ended up with only one picture. Ha.


Funkny sunglasses. Ha. And Daniel (asst. photo editor)'s head.

This is actually from the other and Steve (photo editor). I look scary. Which makes it funny! lol.

So. My announcement from the other day is....

Well a little background info first. Before my Reality Scrapbooking LO got picked up, before Scrapbook Answers, before everything... sometime back around Christmas, there was a thread in the Pub asking who had never been on a design team. They were looking for a team for a new kit club/site and were going to pick a couple people off that thread. So, since I had nothing around then (really. zero. nada. zilch.), I posted in there. To my surprise, got an e-mail with a couple of questions saying that I was a finalist. I answered them and sent it back, not really expecting anything, because well, I kept trying out for stuff and never got anything to show for it.

But...surprise, surprise. A couple of days later - I got another e-mail - telling me that I made it! I was ecstatic around then! The problem was, the site wasn't live yet and so I couldn't toot about it or anything. It was actually expected to go live in January...but because of lots of stuff, didn't actually open until yesterday!

So I announce to you....I am a proud member of the Crop Addict design team. When I first found out who I was working with (Renee Villalobos-Campa and Linda Harrison, among others) I was sooooo intimidated!

But really, I am so thankful for this opportunity. I am so happy to be working with the most talented women ever and with the coolest kits ever.

Check out the March kit - featuring the yummy 3 Bugs in a Rug paper! Can I tell you how much I love this stuff?!

Here's what I've done with it!

Thanks for letting me share my news!

Monday, March 06, 2006

Happy 21st Nora!

We surprised Nora and celebrated her 21st birthday last night! We went to this awesome BBQ place and had a ton of food!

We all know what I gave her (helloooooo I'm a scrapbooker!) but the rest of them chipped in to get her 21 gifts, which included weird stuff like twigs and a quarter (which was wrapped in a million layers), and frustrated her while opening it, which was hilarious.

And they got her "Over-the-hill" balloons.

It also didn't take much to get her drunk - one fruity drink and she was pretty messed up. Haha. Her drunkenness is hilarious, though!

Lots of fun stuff. Teehee. So I ended up with 120-ish pictures (I went back and deleted the out-of-focus ones and stuff) sooooo I now have plenty of material to scrap. BWHAHAHA.

Soooo...since I know Nora is reading this....HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my fellow makeup addict and ditz. You know I love you! Hope you enjoyed your little surprise bash!

For the rest of you...I think I have an announcement to make later today. It's something I've had to keep secret for 3 months....

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I'm still at newspaper....

I'm exhausted and want to go home....but alas, we are still working.

So that webcam has been a huuuuuge distraction today, as seen in these shots -

This is William....our arts editor....behind his computer. I just turned my monitor around...these are so easy to move lol.

This is Steve...our photo editor...this is the thermal camera. He looks groovy with that effect and those sunglasses.

Me and Daniel...our APE...being weirdos.

I look so productive with those glasses on....I stole them from Daniel. I need new glasses, soooo...when I finally get them I shall get these emo glasses. ha.

This is what I call trying to look emo....HAHAHAHA.

Crazy Keith...copy editor.

me...colored penciled

As you can see, I have been wasting WAY too much time today. I even tried out some more video chatting on AIM. hahaha. other news..

Y'all should check this cool link out :D :D :D

And I am the member spotlight for March over at Scrapologie...I was so surprised when I saw it while I was checking e-mail this morning. Needed some coffee to wake up my mind and see if I was dreaming or not. Ha. I love that place. Such awesome people there. Thanks, Scrapologie!! :D