Monday, February 27, 2006

It's pouring...

And I hate it. It's depressing. Booooo.

It's especially bad when I have to get up early...because I don't want to get out of bed. lol.

A huge package of Leave Memories stamps arrived the other day from Holli. So after I spent a day mounting and cutting, I played with them. I would've liked to play with them more of course, but still fun stuff. Can't wait to play some more!!

A couple of friends came home over the weekend, so I got to hang out with them. Went shopping with Nora on Saturday. Good times. I got a polo shirt for $3! And we went to Target and she bought MY shoes (pffft. I know you're reading this!) Then went out for boba with Amy on Sunday...then ended up at Target AGAIN and she almost bought my shoes but she ended up with another pair. Would've been quite hilarious if all my friends ended up with those shoes. Ha.

So I was looking through a bunch of magazines...and I keep being attracted to yellow. I keep seeing yellow. Soft yellow, bright yellow, golden yellow....I love yellow. But I never scrap with yellow. But I totally should. I totally would. Except I don't have any yellow cardstock on me right now. So next time I go scrap shopping (which I have been trying to avoid since I am quite poor right now!), I shall pick up a ton of yellow cardstock.

I saw some ad with a soft yellow, soft pink and brown combo. So pretty. I tried to recreate in Photoshop...

Close enough.

Love this thing from Domino too. I screen shot their sneak peek thing...but I need to get my hands on this issue.

And I am in love with this umbrella, which inspired one of the LOs above...

Cute stuff.

Oh, and the guy from Baseball Bias, who I wrote for over the summer (but they disappared sort of, and I got lazy too so), contacted me today. Apparently, they went corporate over the if all goes well, I'll be covering games with PRESS PASSES.

Oh, how that would be awesome!

Friday, February 24, 2006


Yep, that's me.

I tend to leave things all over the place, forget about them, want to find them, go looking for them, not find them, and become frustrated. Then, I find whatever I'm looking for at the weirdest times. Then curse myself for being so disorganized.

That is what happened when I started working on this LO. I had the pics printed a while ago. They were just sitting there because I had no idea what to do with them. This was for the Scrapbook Survivor challenge this week. Thought they would work. I had the pictures printed on 2 pieces of photo paper. I couldn't find one of them. The LO called for 3+ pics so I needed that second sheet. I couldn't find it. I tore apart my scrap area. Still couldn't find it. So I printed another copy. Which I hated because I am almost out of photo paper. Grr. So I do the LO. Play, have fun. When I'm done, putting it away, and look to my left to a pile of stuff....and, OMG, there is that second sheet of pics.

Yeah. Horrible. I know.

Why do I tell you this? I don't know. Semi-inspired by a thread in the Pub, perhaps? Ha.

I must say that these challenges are totally pushing me out of my box, though. So fun.

I am quite tired right now. It's not as if I've had a stressful week. I guess 9 a.m. classes are too early now? Geez, that's horrible. Then again, the rest of my classes are in the afternoon and I had 2 months of not waking up at 7, so I guess I'll have to get used to it.

I should nap...but I have stamps to play with. And new goodies I picked up at Target (yeah, I went back ha). Ahhh...choices, choices. Yep.

More webcam action....but I forgot to send the pics to myself. One day...

Oh, Olympics skating blurb. Sasha fell. Again. I had a feeling she would do this. Too bad, because I wanted her to skate a clean program so she could shake that "breaks under pressure" label she has. But no. Must admit that Shizuka Arakawa rocked it. Although I wasn't expecting that. But it seems like in the last couple of Olympics, the person with the least amount of pressure bestowed upon her wins, and the person with the most crumbles. Ah, the wonders of figure skating.

I miss the ice...

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

New toys are amusing...

Newspaper got new computers last week....the new MAC G5s with the Inter processors...

I walked in on the techie guys setting them up last week, but didn't walk get to play with them until today.

Such fun stuff - the monitors come equipped with a built-in webcam. And the iChat on there has a video IM feature. And the computers are loaded with a Photo Booth software, which is just the web cam software...but oh man. So amusing.

So I discovered it, someone else discovered it, and we were playing with it for a while...

So I tested it out -

This is the normal mode.

And then we discovered the special effects -

Look! We're a comic!

Andy Warhol style!

I'm an angel! I'm flying!

Oh dear. I am going to waste so much time using this on production days. I don't even have to bring my own camera anymore!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

And so it starts again.., that is.

My schedule is a bit weird -

Newspaper class - WF 9-10:35
Oceanography - MW 1-2:35
Humanities - T 1-4:20
Critical Thinking - Th 2:35-5:55

But it sure beats the winter schedule.

So I walk into my Humanities class, and one of the guys that I did my group speech is in it. Cool.

That class is online-assisted or something, meaning testing and all the notes are online. We get to watch movies and discuss them in class. Double coolness.

It also focuses on gender studies. Triple coolness.

Now that I think of it, this is what my women's history prof taught men&masculinity under, but he doesn't teach it anymore.

So, I didn't have class in the morning, and although I sort of wanted to shuffle my schedule around, didn't want to go through the hassle of trying to add a class, I went to Borders but got bored (first time that's ever happened!) so I got up and went to Target. I heard that a bunch of their scrapbooking stuff was on clearance, including the Heidi Swapp stuff...and that they had the Simply Fab foam stamps from Making I went to check it out, only to discover that the scrapbooking stuff was not yet on clearance and that the stamps weren't in yet.

Soooo....I go downstairs (the Target I like to go to is two stories) and wander into the shoe department. And I find these -

Yeah, so I have to have them. Too cute. Plus, they're not flip-flops. Right? But I'm quite broke. And I have to buy books/Xerox them again. But they're too adorable to pass up. So I got them.

Oh, well they're only $12.99.

They also had a baby blue pair which was also adorable, but the brown would be easier to match.

I swear, I wanted to buy out their whole shoe department, though. And the accessories department. Haha. Seriously. Lots of cute stuff.

So in my Olympic blab of the day....
I actually watched ice dancing. Figure skating buff here, and I almost never watch ice dancing. Probably because the Americans have historically sucked at it. So, YAY for Belbin&Agosto.

Although that Italian couple...did you see that glare?! OMG...and they didn't talk to each other until they were done skating last night. Ha.

Ladies short today. Whoo hoo.

Oh, and I have to go to the damn post office again. Arghhhhhh. At least ST loves me though, right?

Cool beans -

Holli from Leave Memoriesfound this cool site, where it will go through the words in your blog to create this cool word cloud. She tried it on the DT blogs and I tried it here too. You could even make a T-shirt with them! Cool stuff. Fun stuff. Oh, you can do that here.

Sunday, February 19, 2006


My weekend plans went down the drain when it started raining down here.

So I've been a bit bored. And lonely.

I really do not like rain very much.

We've been having some trippy weather down here in was in the 80s earlier this week....and now it's chilly.

Makes me want to stay in bed all day long. ha.

I would've loved to scrap and crank out a ton of LOs...but I'm not finding my groove.

You know, my camera has hardly been used these last couple of weeks. Ha. It's just been sitting here most of the time....

So...I give you some random Olympic thoughts.

We all know that if I were to compete in the Olympics, I'd be a figure skater...but my next three choices would be bobsled, luge or skeleton.

They look fun. Bobsled looks like something you'd find at an amusement park. Love crazy fun rides. Ang luge and skeleton seem like a water park slide or something?

I know, I know, it's quite different but looks fun.

I spent way too much time on yesterday. But lots of cool stuff on there. Especially if you're an Olympic buff like me.

Oh yeah, spring training starts this week, too. Whoo hoo. Baseball season is on its way!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Finally coming up for air....

It hasn't been a piece of cake week, let me tell you that.

It went something like: English final, group speech, newspaper production and then speech final.

But I survived. My stupid 6-week intersession is OVER.

Some people commented wondering about those. Well, most schools have 2 summer sessions. We have only 1 summer session and 1 winter intersession. So it's like summer school in January.

I have to take summer school. Statistics. Great..

Anyways. When things start stressing me out, I tell myself this... get through it all. This was done for Cheryl's Scrapbook Survivor challenge. You could only use one sheet of background paper and then everything else had to go on TOP of the photo. It was a toughie, but fun stuff.

I've been scrapping here and there this week, but it's all for stuff I can't post at the moment. I'm dying to share, dude.

So. I have a 4 day weekend in which I can be as lazy as I freaking want. WHOO HOO. So I'll be scrapping away. I hope.

I might go to a bonfire at the beach on Saturday...we'll see. The problem was like in the 80s last week and earlier this week...and now it's cold. yuuuck.

I was looking at the new KI stuff on their website right now...I still can't figure out if I like it or not. I like their embellishments, but the paper? Hmmm...WIll have to see in person.

On the other hand, I have a 2Ps gift certificate, so I ordered some American Crafts stuff which ROCKS.


Oh, wanna know an interesting tidbit? Evan Lysacek and I share the same birthday - June 4, 1985. I was like WHOA. TOo bad he fell in the short program. They're still showing the long program (currently interrupted by some snowboarcross) right now...all I know is that Johnny Weir ended up fifth. I don't care for Johnny Weir. I definitely do not like Evgeny Plushenko (I nicknamed him Pinnochio at the Salt Lake games...) I hope Brian Joubert moved up to medal, then?


OOOk, skating is back on. Evan is on. Bye!

ETA: Evan was 4th! No medal...but YAY! but Joubert was 6th :(

Monday, February 13, 2006

Answers Revealed (and a toot)

Just have to share my excitement...Holli of Leave Memories e-mailed me this weekend to ask if I wanted to be on her design team...of course I said yes. They have the cutest stamps. Soooo excited. Whoo hoo.

Okay, anyways. Here are the correct answers from my last post -
1) My aunt owns a produce store. TRUE. She lives in Arizona now and her stepson manages it, but it's at the Farmers Market in L.A. (where the Grove is on 3rd and Fairfax) and it's called the Fruit Company. I worked there on summer.
2) I've seen a shooting star. FALSE. I stole this off some survey that I did on LJ...I was having trouble coming up with lies. ha. And I've always wanted to see a shooting star!
3) I used to have a pet eel that was older than me.TRUE. hahahah. Yeah. My dad bought an eel before I was born...and he ended up living for about 15 years. Escaped death he fell out of the tank and survived outdoors for two days. Crazy huh?
4) I can do the splits. FALSE. I used to be able to, though. Not recently. Although I want to be able to again!
5) I was Cinderella for Halloween one year. FALSE. Cinderella was my favorite Disney movie, though, so I'd always wanted to be her...I don't know why I never was. I was Belle one year, though. I think that costume was cheaper. hahaha!
6) I LOVE buffets! FALSE. Well, I mean, some buffets are really's just that everytime I go to one, I eat way too much and feel like barfing. And I hate that feeling. Yuck.
7) I was hospitalized for heart failure. TRUE. Junior year in high school (so about 4 years ago? Long story...started off with a stomach virus, somehow ended up in the heard and weakened the muscle...Spend a week in the hospital and about 4 days in the ICU. I am perfectly fine now.
8) My longest relationship was 2 years. FALSE. More like 3 months.....yeaaaaah.
9) I used to subscribe to 20+ magazines. TRUE. I used to be obsessed with freebie websites and used to find a ton of free subscriptions. Anyways, the probablem ended up being that I really didn't need most of them and they started piling up FAST...
10) I got my ears pierced as a child. FALSE. I did it when I was 18...

So the correct answers are - 1,3,7,9

Okay, so...
Michelle guessed - 1,4,5,9 (2 correct)
Angie guessed - 2,3,9.10 (1 correct)
Kat guessed - 1,2 (she got 1!)
Jocelyn guessed - 3,5,6,8 (1 correct)
Felicia guessed - 1,3,6,7 (3 correct)
Chriselda guessed - 4,5,9,10 (i correct)
Rachel guessed - 1,2,5,9 (2 correct)
Nora guessed - 2,3,9,10 as lies ( didn't read my directions correctly. lmao. ANd I guess you don't know me as well as you thought you did :P BWHAHAHAH.)
April guessed - 2,5,7,8,9 (I asked for 4 got 2)

Okay, that was fun!! :D

Olympics thoughts...Sad about Michelle Kwan. I really wanted her to win this time. Even though she was going to have a hard time doing it. But I think she embodies so much grace even in the face of defeat. For that I respect her so much. This I kept thinking when she didn't win in Nagano and SLC. So.

Disappointed in Apolo's performance....but he still has what? 4 or so events? to redeem himself. ha.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Fun challenge

I decided to do this challenge of Michelle's because it seemed really fun!

So anyways...the challenge is:
List 10 things about you. 6 lies and 4 truth. We can try to guess which ones are true and which ones are not. You can reveal the truth after Saturday(since it's technically almost Sunday....just whenever I guess).

okay, here we go...

1) My aunt owns a produce store.
2) I've seen a shooting star.
3) I used to have a pet eel that was older than me.
4) I can do the splits.
5) I was Cinderella for Halloween one year.
6) I LOVE buffets!
7) I was hospitalized for heart failure.
8) My longest relationship was 2 years.
9) I used to subscribe to 20+ magazines.
10) I got my ears pierced as a child.

Okay, have fun guessing!

Friday, February 10, 2006

it's Friday!

According to the USPS website,

Label/Receipt Number: 0305 1720 0001 7512 3876
Status: Delivered

Your item was delivered at 1:22 pm on February 09, 2006 in RIVERTON, UT 84065.

Yep, my HOF entry made it. So phew. No need to mail Express and spend $20, see?


My procrastinating ass gave my persuasion speech today. Let me just say that arguing about why the morning-after pill should be sold over-the-counter sucked the life out of me...multiple times, because I tried to practice. Seriously, sounding demanding is tiring...but fortunately, I rocked the thing again. Just, when I was done, I felt exhausted. I actually didn't procrastinate so horribly compare to last time (you know, starting 2 hours before it was due)...but I got that "you must have spent a lot of time on this" comment again and I wanted to laugh. Ha.

The Olympics start tomorrow! I love the winter Olympics. Okay, this is because I'm partial to figure skating, but still. Besides the figure skating events, though, I'm looking forward to watching Apolo Anton Ohno in action. Pure eye candy that I fell in love with during the Salt Lake Olympics. I know I found some skiers and other people to be hot, but I don't remember who any of those people too bad. But Apolo...yum.

So disappointed Timothy Goebel won't be there though. So sad. Since he was retiring from the Olympic circuit this time around....I wanted him to make it badly. But...I don't know. He didn't look like he had anything left in him at Nationals! Boo.

So next week is the last week of the semester. WHy does time fly so fast? I don't like it. Ugh.

Next week = 2 finals, a group speech, and the issue of the paper going out. Great.
The the cycle starts all over again the next week. Except, this time I get a 16-week semester. Which is nice and dandy, but by the 10th week, I'm sick of school. So really, the quarter system will be a nice fit for me. I think.

Can it be spring break already? Please?

You know, my two friends want to take a road trip up to the Bay Area to visit my other two friends who go to Berkeley...but since they have spring break probably in mid-March, and mine is in mid-April...probably not going to happen. But maybe I'll fly up during my own break. Yeah, that might be fun.

Magazines and catalogs coming in the last couple of days...and I keep picking up so many ideas from them. Except, none of it is translating into mojo. Pfffft.

No idea what I'm doing this weekend. We'll see, I guess.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Random Tuesday (almost Wednesday) thoughts

I've got so many ideas...but not enough energy to bring them to fruition. Which is sort of frustrating. And I think my mojo got mailed off with my HOF entry today. BLAAAAAH. Maybe they'll mail it back to me? ha.

Did I tell you I how I hate the post office? Seriously. I went there before I had to leave for class...and since the three effers in front of me were retarded and taking 3290482903823094 years to get their business done....I was late. There was one guy who was taking forever and asking too many stupid questions about a PO Box...another one that had like 30 packages to mail....and some annoying woman. WHY CAN'T PEOPLE BE IN AND OUT IN 2 MINUTES LIKE ME?!?!?!?! Argh.

Finals are already next week...and schedule for spring semester is still....uh....not set? great....

My hair is getting really long...I don't mind the longness, it's just starting to get heavy, so I think I need to cut some layers into it again...and I want bangs again. Except everytime I ask for them, they end up being so long...

The one cute boy in newspaper was in today...and he's coming back next semester. yippeeee.

It's like 80 degrees here in so-Cal. Gotta love it. Sure beats the 50 degree weather. And I'm sure my weather kicks your weather's ass. BWHAHAHA. j/k.

I think spring training starts in about a week or so. Funny how I haven't counted down or paid attention. Ha. Can't wait.

Internet is lagging. Maybe I should go play some Sims since I haven't done that in a while...

Monday, February 06, 2006



I finished my HOF entry abotu a half hour ago.
My original plan was to mail out today but that's not happening, soooo.
Tomorrow it is.
I refuse to mail Experss, so I'm HOPING it'll make it there by Thursday...
although I'm not tooooo worried because I did this with my Scrapworks entry and it got there.
Fingers crossed anyhow.
I was totally not feeling the LOs I had in my entry in the beginning, but now that I look at it...some of my very favorites are in this. Yay.

Sunday, February 05, 2006


I put up a new banner. I like it. It was fun. I used some kickass dingbat fonts from Action Fonts that someone on 2Ps found yesterday. I think this is called the Seeing Stars dingbat, but they had a TON more cute ones. Love dingbat fonts. I should use them more.

I also did a digi with that font -

I don't know. I felt like doing a quick digi yesterday and didn't really want to download a I just used brushes and fonts. Fun stuff.

So Nadine tagged me yet again, so here we gooooo -

Copy and re-post into your own bulletin with your 3 things.
(don’t forget to return to me once you are finished!)

Three Names you go by:
1. Caroline
2 Caro
3. Carol

Three of Your Everyday Essentials
1. Coffee
2. Lip Gloss
3. Computer

Three Things You Are Wearing Right Now
1. gray sweats
2. green tee
3. underwear?

Three of Your Favorite Songs
1. "Candlelight" - Imogen Heap
2. "All That We Needed" - Plain White T's
3. "Hands Down" - Dashboard Confessional (semi-old, but I've been listening to it a lot lately)

Two Truths and a Lie (in any order)
1. I have a paper due on Monday
2. My grandma won in Vegas and gave me money
3. My schedule for spring semester is set.

Three of Your Favorite Hobbies
1. scrapbooking, duh
2. writing (i don't know if this is a hobby anymore, though? lol)
3. shopping

Three Things You want to do really badly right now
1. finish my HOF entry
2. sleep
3. have some sort of good dessert (i'm thinking of making cheesecake tomorrow?)

Three Places You want to go
1. Torino (for the Olympics, which start next week!)
2. Europe
3. NYC

Three Things You Want to Do Before You Die
1. Live outside of California
2. Go to opening day at Dodger stadium
3. Visit all the MLB ballparks (sense a theme?)

Three people I would like to see take this quiz
1. Kat
2. Erin
3. Jocelyn
(sorry guys)

Okay I'm off to bed. More like, scrap then bed.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Answers for ya

Okay, so my computer is lagging. Actually, it's my internet. It's been annoying me. Argh. random things going on -
Being the ditz I am, I fell down a step the other day. My leg is now purple and lumpy. Gross, huh? Smart, huh? I am so freaking clumsy, it's ridiculous.

I am now the MANAGING EDITOR of the Courier and no longer the opinion editor. Which means, I am free from doing a page every week and I get to spend my days bossing people around and yelling at them when their stories are not in. Well, not really but. I was so over the opinion page, especially because a lot of crap came up last semester....yeah. hahah.

Remember that speech of mine? After getting pushed back again, I finally gave it on Wednesday...and I totally aced it. What was funny was my teacher was like "well you spent a lot of time on this, didn't you?" And I wanted to laugh because I was thinking of myself procrastinating and being late for class because I was working on it the day it was originally due...the only reason it seemed that way was because I had an extra week. Even then....I was practicing at home before I had to leave...and at 1:30 (when I had to leave at like 2:15), I decided my speech didn't flow AT ALL so I ripped apart my outline and re-did it. Almost late for class that day too. Ha. You would think I should've practiced it before Wednesday at 1:30 right?

Did you hear that CHA Winter 2007 is going to be in Anaheim for the next 6 years?! Best news EVER. Now I need a DT for NEXT YEAR. haha. But Anaheim is RIGHT THERE, so I'll be able to go! And...y'all need to fly out and come meet me. Because I am so JEALOUS of those of you who got to meet each other in Vegas! Waah! I'm glad you're back though!

SO yesterday I went out and took pictures....We went to eat then we went driving around finding random locations. So, one of the places was this place high up in Pasadena,

where you could see pretty much all of the L.A. area. The only area I recognized is Downtown L.A., so I pointed that out for ya. I know it's very out of focus, but I was freezing my ass off last night and couldn't steady my tiny little camera while I was shivering.

One of the places we drove to...this bridge. We went over it and we went under it, because there's some asylum near it. Ha. This bridge is really pretty but really creepy...they call it Suicide Bridge. Someone obviously tried to jump off it.

So today I decided to answer all those questions y'all asked me -

Without further ado....

Monica asked - What inspires you? Everything. Other scrappers, ads, magazine layouts, nature, funny things people/say do, awesome photos, fashion..........
Do you sketch your LO first or just go with the flow? I hardly ever sketch. I'll sketch when I have some brilliant idea while I'm drifting off to sleep and decide that I NEED to put it on paper or else I'll forget in the morning. But I usually go with the flow. Half the time, I don't even have an idea of how I want a LO to look like and just play and put things down.
How fast does it take you to finish a LO? On average, about an hour. Sometimes more, sometimes less, but almost every single page I finish is done in about an hour.

Michelle asked - do you go out to crop or scrap by yourself I've never been to a crop. But scrapping by myself rocks, because I have everything I need right there. I should go to a crop, though. They might be fun. lol.
do you work on multiple pages at the same time I think I have before, but I don't remember doing it in recent memory...
I know a lot of Japanese friends of mine can really pack away those beers. Can you drink and how much can you drink. lol Honestly? This question makes me laugh because I am very pathetic when it comes to alcohol. My tolerance is close to zero. Seriously, I'm a lot more fun sober. I've been known to get drunk on Jello shots or a couple of Smirnoffs...I'm usually buzzed with about half. It's ridiculous. When I get drunk, I'll get really giddy and laugh this really hilarious laugh for a while...then I'll get really sleepy. So I'm no fun when I'm drunk because I'm ready to go to sleep. I guess that's why I don't drink so much (then again, I'm still underage shhhhh)

Corinne asked - when did you started with scrapbooking and how do you define your style? I actually did my first scrapbook in 8th grade (1999), because it was a required assignment for a Washington D.C. trip I went on...I didn't get really addicted until just about a year ago.

Nadine asked - you never talk about music - what's your favorite band? That's because my music choices are limited and I go between what I have! haha. I like discovering new bands, but it's hard to download crap on this slow-ass dialup (yes, I really need high-speed). Anyways, this changes on a bi-weekly basis, it seems like. lol. I'm totally digging the Plain White T's. Whoo hoo.
you love getting mail why the reluctance in sharing the mail love with ME? ;) Because. I'm an only child and greedy like that ;). hahaha. I need to get your package out, though. Sorry it's LATE, but I hate the post office!
if you could go on holidays anywhere, where would you go? So many places I want to go. Chicago for Summer CHA. New York City...because I have yet to go. Back to Hawaii for the beaches and...well Hawaii is just Hawaii. Back to Japan because I haven't been there for...3 years? San Francisco/Berkeley/Bay Area because I have yet to visit my two friends up there yet. Turin for the Olympics, even though that starts next week...ha. I just really want to go to Europe, toO!

Chriselda asked - have you gotten those cj's done? - Yeah, but I still need Keri's address?
will there ever be a "Wear me" LO? Sure, if I find a picture to go with it. hahaha.
how many hours do you actually flippin' spend in front of the computer?? A lot. It's ridiculous. Someone drag me off, please.

Breanne asked - who's your biggest actor crush? ;) I know, lame. but still. interesting. Not lame. I'd say Michael Vartan. I've had a thing for him since Never Been Kissed. I love that movie just for his character. He makes me swoon. *le sigh*

I don't have just ONE, but I have several. Elsie is one....Ali Edwards is another...Lots of the garden girls....lots of peas...geez, I have too many. LOL, sorry, lame answer.
WHAT HAS ALWAYS BEEN YOUR LIFE-LONG DREAM? WHETHER IS BE, MARRY A PRINCE, BE A CEO, HAVE 5 KIDS, WHATEVER?! As a kid, it was to be the next Kristi Yamaguchi. Ha. That ain't happenin'. Nowadays, it's to be a hotshot magazine editor in NYC, marry a hot dude, have kids, be happy and have it all. lol. Or work for the Dodgers. Front office or something. That would be freaking cool, dude. Actually, now that I think of it the Dodgers would be more lifetime, because I'd had that on my mind for a longer time. Ha.

April asked - why are you so good at scrappying? So flattered you think so :) I don't know. I just do what I do. hahah!
why are you so cute? Why are YOU so cute?
why do you not do your laundry until you run out of underwear like me? Because. I am lazy. Did I mention I was lazy? lol!

Amy asked - I'm usually a lurker on your blog, but I thought I'd come out and ask you a question. How are those HOF LO's going? Hi Amy (my former SS!). I'm still stuck on 7 because I decided I hated #7 and went back and ripped it apart and redid it. I need to get cracking this weekend because I really need to mail by Monday because I refuse to pay for any shipping beyond priority.

Kat asked - here's a random one: what kind of car do you drive? if you don't drive, how do you get around? i know i know, really random. but i've been wondering what kind of car eveyone drives recently....... Actually, I'm carless at the moment. Bah. Wanna buy me one? ;) heheh. It's not that convenient to be carless in LA, but I get around.

Kat and Erin both asked - when and why did you start scrapbooking? Like I said earlier, I did a scrapbook for an assignment for a D.C. trip in 8th grade. After that, I scrapped here and there. I did a little album about my end of soph/ beginning of jr. year in high school (i ended up ripping this apart and re-doing this). I did a book for Colorguard which was sort of used to recruit 8th grades when they got to high school, I think. I did a memorial album for my uncle. I did another random book (which I want to rip apart). It was fun, I thought it was cool but I never really got into it. Until my mother bought me a DCWV stack around Christmas last year. SOmehow, I started really getting into it this time. I then discovered 2Ps. Then I discovered an LSS. Then the rest is history. Seriously, when I first started, I was like "I'm never going to go crazy freaking out about how I have to have the newest products NOW," "I'm never going to think about publishing," "I'll never ever enter a major contest like HOF." Now look where I'm at? ha.