Wednesday, November 30, 2005


It's almost 2 a.m. here, but I am DONE with the UC application/personal statement.

The reason it took so long was because of the personal statement. I had no idea how to answer the questions. Until yesterday.

SO RELIEVED it's done. Now I can go worry about other things.

I am SO going to need an insane amount of caffiene tomorrow.....

Off to bed I go.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

My break is almost over?! :(

175 pictures. 175 pictures and I think I pissed everyone off because we were playing charades and one of the clues was me. So this is how they acted it out - as someone going around and snapping pictures of everything. And everyone knew what the answer was.

Oh well. Such is the life of a scrapbooker.

But anyhow, last night was a blast. Cheesecakes and pie came out good, placecards were a hit, and decorations were done, even though it came out nothing like I wanted it to due to lack of time.

Everyone thought they were cute anyways, so that was good.

Food was awesome and I ate until I couldn't breathe anymore. Cranberry salad, butternut squash soup (with apples!), turkey, ham, stuffing (my favorite, although I still miss my aunt's), mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, cornbread, biscuits, cranberry sauce....

The best thing of all, though, was spending time with these buddies. Some of these people have just become acquaintances that I see only at these sorts of gatherings once or twice a year, but that's okay. I love 'em just the same. And then there are those people I don't see that often but wish I saw them more...and I love being able to be with them. Yep.

Everyone at the table...

Linda Kim, who was my friend in like first grade...she used to be my neighbor! And then she switched schools and we were reunited in high school. I don't see her much anymore, though.

Christian the pimp. Long story. But I wish I saw him more often because he brings in lots of good times.

Nora, Julie and Linda Kwong. Nora and Julie I see sort of often, but Linda goes to school in Berkeley and that's a bit far. Nora always does these ditzy things that never fail to crack us up, and Julie is so silly. Linda is a bit of a dork and that always cracks us up. Oh, in this picture, we're imitating Nora, whose Myspace picture looks sort of like this pose. She says it's because she put her camera on self-timer and she had to pose like that. Yeaaaaaah....

Louis, my ex from like freshman year of high school. Glad we've stayed on great terms. I wish I saw him more often, though, because he's such a cool guy. But he's busy and so we catch up during times like these.

Elaine, who is like the coolest chick EVER.

p.s. I think I'm still used to my old computer. My old computer wouldn't let Blogger Images work, so I used Photobucket....and when I was typing this up I went over to Photobucket...then I thought "wait a sec." whoops.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Picturesssss :)

From this week!! Yayness :)


From bio lab. We got to poke through owl pellets to find bones of things the owl ate. Sort of gross but interesting....


This pic was actually not taken on Tuesday, but it fits. I was telling my friend Elaine about my new desktop picture -

HYPER starre x: my desktop image is of a bunch of pennis
HYPER starre x: pennies*
HYPER starre x: not penises
HYPER starre x: haha
Elaine: hahahhahahaha
Elaine: I'm going to quote that
HYPER starre x: pennies damnit

She posted that on her livejournal. lol. The picture is actually from production day last Wednesday. This guy was walking around with a bunch of pennies in his jacket (which was tied around his waist) pockets and when he started dancing and spinning around, they all fell out. He then stacked them and counted them.


My new computer! Yayness. Not the best shot, but will do. Oh, and did I tell you that I'm really obsessed with my new printer? The picture quality is AWESOME. And having a scanner ROCKS! whoo!


Me, my parents and my grandma ended up at Carrows for Thanksgiving yesterday. What I really missed was my aunt's stuffing! I love stuffing and I think hers is the best - she puts chestnuts in it! But this applie pie was good. Yum.


Julie, who is hosting the Thanksgiving bash tomorrow, made me and my other friend Nora go grocery shopping with her...and then help with some prep. This was our cart at Ralph's. We ended up shopping at 3 different markets to get everything we needed - Ralph's, Albertson's and an Asian one for cheap produce. SO here's us prepping too -

Tomorrow will be busy. I have to make 20 of these babies -

(can you tell I'm trying to use up my Fall Stack?!) and then I have to make "decorations" which will be 6x6 LOs hung on clothespins. I also have to bake 2 pumpkin cheesecakes and a pumpkin pie. More helping Julie. Should be fun though!

Nadine challenged me to finish 15 LOs this weekend. I'm at four. Looks like I'm not going to be finishing the other 11. Pffffft.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving :)

PODs will resume...soon :) hahah. I'm just lazy.

This LO was inspired by an entry in Amber's blog...and then I posted it on 2Ps and discovered it was the Garden challenege of the week. So. I just felt like using these papers but I don't have very many girly pictures so the "girly" papers (which I buy a ton of) end up going on my "me" pages...

Nothing too special for tomorrow since most of my family is out of's just me, my mom and dad, and my grandma so we're going out to eat. I, however, CANNOT wait until Saturday which is the annual friends Thanksgiving dinner! yayness! I have to make pumpkin ceesecake. yummm.

Hope you have a good Thanksgiving! :)

Sunday, November 20, 2005

FINALLY on the new computer.....and PODs

So my dad set this thing up while I was at the concert last night. WHOOP. LOVE it but the IE sometimes gives me problems....I guess that's my problem, though, because I refuse to use AOL's browser. hah. One of these days, I'll use this as my POD...

I'm also without a photo editing program right now....well, I've got Photoshop that I just have to install, but I'm lazy. And now I've got to learn the darn thing, finally.

Okay, so....


Yeah, so that 8-page form has been consuming my mind nowdays. It's due exactly 10 days from today...pretty much done with the filling out part, now I have to worry about the personal statement, which is of course the hardest part of the darn thing. Nervous as hell as to whether or not I'm going to get in anywhere. Maybe I'm overreacting but....I don't know. *fingers crossed*


Concert yesterday was fun! It was technically a Simple Plan concert, who I don't care much for, but we really went to go watch these guys - Plain White T's! I'm telling ya, they are AWESOME so if you haven't checked them out yet, please do! They were the first band up and we got there like 10 minutes late (we were having trouble figuring out where to park and kept going in circles) and so we missed part of their act, and so it seemed really short. Anyhow, we got to meet them and get our CDs signed so that was wayyyy awesome! We're going to go see them again on the 14th - can't wait! :) And this time, they're headling. As for the other bands....I really like Straylight Run but their live performance wasn't all that great (and plus we missed most of it when we were getting our stuff signed), they ended up running out of time for Paramore who had to play outside, and although I'm not a huge fan of Simple Plan, I have to admit that I used to love them back in the day and that their songs are catchy, and that they played an entertaining show. It was just um interesting to be with all these teeny-bopper-ish girls. Yep.


I went to a Clippers game today. My neighbor has season tickets so I go the way they're playing this year. I can't stand the Lakers, but love L.A.'s "other team" although it's looking like the Clippers are starting to become "L.A.'s team" lately. Motion blurs here, but this was the best I could do.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

I just couldn't wait.....

So, I just couldn't wait until the new computer was ready. Haha. I guess I'll just have to go ahead and burn a CD with only about a week's worth of (not a ton of) pictures.

I *think* it'll be ready around tomorrow, though. The printer is already out of the box but is just sitting on my desk. hah.

Anyways, for your viewing pleasure....

Image hosted by

My friend Theo. We always say she looks good in anything. Not vests, though, we concluded. This was at Aeropostale. I love their clothes but for some reason they fit really weird so I don't really buy from them. But this day, the whole store was 40% off plus they gave us a 30% off coupon to use. I ended up buying a cool hoodie (LOVED the color, although it could've fit a little bit better...). Except, it's been like 80 degrees over here so I haven't been able to wear it (see Tuesday's pic). Pfft.

Image hosted by

We went to Barstow to meet up with my aunt who just came back from Japan last week. It's pretty much the halfway point between our place and her place in Arizona. On the way back, we stopped by this Harvey House....basically a train station. I went on the railroad tracks for this shot. hah.

Image hosted by

....Yeah. These are the boxes that are still sitting in the living room. That is my new computer, monitor and printer in there.

Image hosted by

Not tooo fond of this shot, but I took it quickly on the way home from school (that is school) and didn't take any shots after this. Anyways, look at the temprature. 'Nuff said.

Image hosted by

They were having a jazz concert across the hall from the newspaper office Wednesday, so while we were waiting for the front page to finish up, we turned the place into a dance floor. hah.

Image hosted by

I had to go cover this thing in the art gallery.....when I went outside I took a pic of the campus at night. Love the glow of the lights and the moon here. It looked even cooler on the LCD screen of my camera, though.

And I'll get yesterday's and whatever I take today up whenever the new computer gets set up (sheesh, it's been a week and it's still in the box. hahah.)

I'm going to a concert today! Plain White T's, Straylight Run, Simple Plan and someone else that I cannot remember! whoo!

And my scrapping mojo has gotte up and ran away. I can't find it. I've tried the retail therapy thing (sheesh I've bought a ton of stuff in the last three weeks or so) and yesterday I finally lifted some LOs to get it going....still can't find it yet, though. grrrrrr. Someone find it for me!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

No more craptacular emachines!

So I'm around and I've been diligently taking a picture (okay, multiple photos, usually) a day, but I haven't been posting them (duh). No pictures in this post, either. Why?!



My old one was getting reaalllyyyyy ridiculously bad. And I was always complaining about it. It just gave me problem after problem, and it was annoying.

So the fam & I were at Best Buy on Saturday. We were actually on the hunt for a phone, because something is wrong with the battery. Instead of a phone, however, we walked out with a brand spankin' new Sony Vaio and a printer!

My printer has pretty much also been half broken for something like the past year. hah.

The printer is a cool one in itself - a 3-in-1 HP 3210. I can print pictures at home (yay, although 4x6 is cheaper to do elsewhere...), scan LOs (no more crappy camera-shot images!), and it came with a negative scanner. whoop.

Obviously, I'm excited but nothing's hooked up yet. And so I'm just waiting until it's set up until I upload pictures onto it.

One annoying part of getting a new computer - moving everything you need from the old one. Took 4 CDRs to hold all the pictures I had on here from the past 3 months, and I didn't realize how many fonts I've accumulated (its ridiculous)!!! lol.


Friday, November 11, 2005

Yummy POD #11 & Blingggg

Image hosted by

Yummmm....I baked cookies today. That Nestle break-off cookie dough is brilliant. Took me 15 minutes and I had a nice, fresh batch of oven-baked cookies. I love oven-baked cookies. They're the best!

I swear, I must've gained back the weight I lost with all these cookies. Oh well. It's worth it lmao.

Image hosted by

So I bought rhinestones at Jo Anns yesterday. LOVING the bling. So much fun! And cheap! (I got a pack for around $2.50, it was on sale plus I had a 10% off coupon) Bought a cardstock, and some flowers too (70% off + an extra 10% off!)

That LO reminds me, though. I haven't been to Tapioca Express lately. And I miss Julie and Amy terribly. I'll probably see both during Thanksgiving, and maybe Julie tomorrow though!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

POD 9 & 10

Whoo more pictures. lol.

Image hosted by

Why an ass shot? This is Don, one of the writers on newspaper this semester. Since my page was done (relatively) early, I started snapping random pictures...including of Don. I was showing him, and he was like "but that's not even my good side" and so I go "so what IS your good side?" And then he sticks out his ass. LOL.

I expected newspaper to end earlier yesterday but we had a huge story that ended up not being done until way late. So, even though the front page was almost done since around 6, I left around 9.

Yesterday was hilarious though. I kept getting cranky and yelling out (jokingly) random insults to people. One girl was going around with a pair of reindeer antlers on her head and it was funny. Me and Brian, our photo editor, kept mock-getting made at each other and pretended like we were going to throw things (my huge bag, a chair....) at each other. I don't know. I was cracking up the entire day.

Although, I kept getting tired. Took me a cup of coffee and two 20 oz bottles of diet Pepsi (I would've gotten more coffee but it was raining and I was not going to get my lazy ass up and walk across the street for a cup of joe) to get through the entire day.

Speaking of coffee/caffeine, I've found that it's a huge appetite suppressant for me. I've recently started drinking coffee every morning (before it was like when I felt like it or when I needed it) and found that I'm less of a pig. hah. So I lost a couple of pounds. I call it my "caffeine diet."

Anyways, here's today's picture...

Image hosted by

Newspaper people make fun of me because I really like taking pictures of clouds for some reason. We'd be on the way to conferences and I'd be in the car taking pictures of clouds. Haha. It rained yesterday and I think though the night so we had some cool clouds. I was out at Target and Jo-Anns, looked up, liked what I saw and so I snapped a picture of it. Yay.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

POD 7&8

Kind of chilly down here in So-Cal today. It's supposed to start raining tonight...

Been buying a TON of KI lately. I went shopping again and that LSS of mine started carrying it. And since I've also found Memories last week....and I got a ton of KI from my Santa.... :D yep. I should really stop buying so much paper though!

Anyways, more pictures....

Image hosted by

A pile of just-washed laundry. Yep, I let my laundry pile up a lot, but I live in an apartment and that means I pay something like $2-$4 per load. I don't mind the washing part but I really hate the folding part. It's so tedious and repetitive. Yuck. I let my laundry sit there for a while before I finally start folding it and putting it away. LOL, I'm such a lazy ass.

Image hosted by

My mailbox. I LOVE getting mail. So I run to my mailbox when I hear the mailman. lol. Used to get a TON of mail because I used to have a freebie obsession and used to sign up for a TON of stuff, but not so much anymore. Still love it when a freebie comes though!

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Weekend POD + other things

I'm not very good about posting every day, so I'll just do this every 3 days or so....

Image hosted by

Went to Starbucks Friday morning whoop. There's a vanilla latte in that cup, which is what I almost always end up getting when I go there (when it's hot, though I usually get an iced coffee or a coffee frap). I was hoping they'd start having their holiday drinks around now, because I fell in love with the gingerbread latte last year, but no avail. Anyone notice how they spelled my name "CaroLYN?!" It's one of my pet peeves. Or when the pronounce it that way. Or, the worst was when my bio teacher started pronouncing it "Caro-LEEN." WTF.

Image hosted by

Joined the Sudoku craze recently. My whole family has started getting into it....yes, even a dumbass like me can solve these things. haha. They're quite addicting.

Image hosted by

Went out to Dim Sum for lunch with a couple of friends today. Haven't had that stuff in awhile, I missed it. Yummy stuff. Missed the friends too, because we haven't really hung out in a long time!

And I've been getting packages from my Secret Santa! :D
Image hosted by
{KI papers, AC letter stickers, Scrapworks tabs}

I gotta start mailing some of my presents to my person, and I gotta shop some more for her too. This is fun!

UCLA's streak came to an end yesterday. Only saw the beginning of the game, but from the score, it was brutal. And to Arizona?! Sheesh. That was, um, sad. But it's obvious that the Bruins really need to step their defense up a bit, or USC is really going to kick their ass in a couple of weeks. Oh yeah, those Trojans need to lose. NOW. pfffft.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

POD #1, 2, 3 (and more paper for me)

Okay, I signed up for the Photo-a-day thing on the Pub. But I've been lazy and busy so I haven't posted pics til now.

Also, I was unfortunately without a camera on the 1st (my mother took it), so I'll just use a picture from the 31st to substitute for it....

Image hosted by
My cousin, Naru, came from Vancouver on Halloween. So we went to Claim Jumper for dinner. Those desserts are crazy. But yummy. {10/31/05}

Image hosted by
From yesterday - newspaper production day. I really did not have time to think about taking photos (more like I needed to worry about yelling at people about photos for my page), because it was sooo stressful yesterday. None of the stories for my page were in, so my page was blank til about 5 (which is supposed to be the printer deadline). Also, I wanted to hold a news story I was working on, except my EIC absolutely needed it so I was struggling with that half the day too. So glad yesterday is over. {11/02/05}

Image hosted by
I happened to be in Downtown L.A. today, so I got this cool photo of City Hall. {11/03/05}

Image hosted by
{bunch of paper - BG, KI, Scrapworks, K&Co., Chatterbox.... AC ribbon, KI stickers, 7gypsies tags}
I also went shopping today. You know, scrapbook shopping. After getting lost a couple of times (I tried to do this Tuesday also, but got lost too and then realized that I had to get my butt over to school then and there or I would miss my bio test) and almost getting run over twice, I made it over to a Memories store in Burbank. That place is awesome. That is all. I need to go back because I want more stuff! hah.

Hopefully with this and more pictures I printed today, I can get out of my little mojo funk.....

p.s. I've been so out of it/busy that I totally forgot that it was a new month and that means a new garden sprouted on 2Ps. haha.