Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Vacation Over

Wow. The damage from Hurricane Katrina is absolutely horrible. Eighty percent of the area is under water. I was on the Pub at 2Ps and there was this thread about one of the Pubsters in Biloxi....someone contacted her mother and found out that her family lost everything and are now stranded in their car. Wow. That is just one story. There are so many others. I can only imaagine. It's terrible what mother nature can do. I don't know what else to say. My heart goes out to those people who were affected.

In other news -

Started school yesterday. Tried to add a class today, but no luck. I may end up taking a math class at another community college around here, they start next week....we'll see how it goes. So far, I've had my bio lab and class. My teacher is sort of weird. Not a big fan of science/math classes.

First day of newspaper class tomorrow...whoever came up with the production schedule for this semester is crazy. First day of school was yesterday, first day of class tomorrow, and then the first issue of the paper comes out Thursday! Whoa. My page is going to just be a huge "voices" thing - you know, those things where we go around campus and ask people to answer a question.

Spotlight magazines came out...the printing was kind of crappy. The cover image looks faded, and therefore tacky. Oh well. You can see here --

the cover -
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

my article -
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Yeah, it figures that I'd write something baseball/Dodgers-related, right?

I need a working scanner. Sorry about the quality of the image, I know it's not great.

While distributing the magazines yesterday, I was playing with Steve (our asst. photo editor)'s cool SLR camera. I took a cool picture of one of the school buildings, I'll see if he'll ever send it to me...Those things are SO cool but a. they're expensive, b. they're big and heavy (this is why I love my tiny SD 400), and c. they're hard to figure out. Still, I lust over one.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Hot hot heat

Ended up not going to the beach last night. But we went to go get some of this heavenly goodness --

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

YUM! Shaved ice with condensed milk, strawberries, bananas, mangoes and ice cream! That thing was so huge though, I was like "OMG" when i first saw it. But yummy of course. And it cooled us down.

Yep, it's mofoing hot here in So-Cal again. Sticky too. Yuck.

Did the effer dare last night -
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

The dare this week was effin' awesome! This was sort of a reminder to myself that I don't need to be obsessing over myself all the effin' time. I'm thinking maybe I should hang this on the wall just so I call look at it when I feel I look like crap. We'll see.

I'm kind of bored with my scrapping lately. Trying to do something new....I feel like I'm in some sort of rut. hmmmm....

It also may be that I need to print out some new pictures. Can't wait to scrap the ones from the recnt outings!

Friday, August 26, 2005

Corona del Mar

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I love the beach.

The cool ocean breeze, the smell, the sound of the waves - there's just something about them. It makes it peaceful and relaxing and makes you happy. There's just something about getting hit with the coldness of saltwater and getting pushed towards the shore by the waves, getting splashed and eventually wet with the water. There's just something about lying in the sand even though you know it's making you dirty and getting all over your hair. There's just something about the smoke that surrounds the area when everyone's having a bonfire, even though it stinks and it's hurting you lungs. There's just something special about looking at the sun fall off the horizon while you sit and chat in the sand, or walk along the shore. I love all of it. I would live at the beach if I could.

There's just something about the atmosphere and the water. It's magical.

And tonight, I will be going again. Yeah, I know I just went yesterday.

Enjoy the pictures.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Haircut, paper addiction, blue heaven

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

The above photo collage just about sums up my day yesterday....

one >> I added to my paper collection. Went to a different (not-so-local) LSS. They had most of the stuff I'd been craving - like Chatterbox, KI (none of the old stuff though!) and Scenic Route!! Whoop. And then we went to Jo-Anns and they had a new Stack. I split this three ways with my hopefully-converted-scrapper friends.
two >> This is my Elaine working on her page.
three >> Random shot from Dodger Stadium. Looks cool.
four >> Shot of downtown L.A. from Dodger Stadium. Don't you love the smog?
five >> Sunset shots. Love taking them.
six >> I took this while walking to get food.
seven >> Garlic fries! Yumm....they're soooo good. And they smell sooooo good.
eight >> After the game (which was a loss), we went to Tapioca Express (Asian boba place). Love that place. Looks like I'm throwing a gang sign, but it's supposed to be the LA logo.
nine >> I cut my hair!!! It feels soooo light now.
ten >> This is really grainy, but I used my zoom to get a shot of the dugout. I dunno who this player is or what the hell he's doing, but it's hilarious!
eleven >> Tried to take this shot while singing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame." haha.


EK tagged me, so here are 5 super-random facts about me -

1. I can't sleep if my feet are warm. So I sleep with my feet peeking from the edge of my covers or hanging off the edge of my bed.
2. I can't sing and play piano at the same time. Heck, I can't sing and sound pleasantly but you know I try to try and rock out and pretend I can. But I can't do both at the same time. Either I start forgetting lyrics (or can't read them when they're in front of me!) or the piano goes wonky.
3. I own an alarm clock but don't really use it.
4. I have a blog, a livejournal, a xanga, a myspace and a friendster. Yes, I am lame, I know that. But my Xanga has been neglected and I haven't logged into friendster in ages.
5. I don't really have a favorite color. I have a bunch of colors I'm drawn to, but I can't just pick one! I love all colors! Colors rule! lol.

I tag >> Alexanda, Ash and Chriselda.

I'll have another update in a couple of minutes because I have a bunch of pictures. And I want to get them up now because I'll have more tomorrow. I'm taking off to the beach in about an hour...

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Six Flags Pictures

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

one >> That cardboard man shows up in the Six Flags commercials. We were walking somewhere and saw the guy standing in front of the fountain so we took a picture with him. He's sort of scary though. lol.

two >> I thought this picture was really cute. Who's trying to kiss me? Um, well, meet my buddy Tri. He's in the army and stationed in Kosovo, but he's on break right now. He's funny. Love having him back.

three >> Hah, we're being tourist-y. You know, the Asian kind. If you've seen them around, you know what I mean. It's pretty funny. This picture is pretty funny.

four>> Waiting for Batman. It's kind of dark and blurry, but I think it looks cool because of the lights. Batman itself is a fun ride...a hanging coaster. Whoo!

five >> This is, like, the only picture that was taken of me throughout the day that I don't look like a dweeb in.

six >> They were getting onto Goliath, my turn was in the next car. Goliath is awesome. It has a humongous 255-foot drop in the beginning and ends with a upward spiral. So cool. It has a cool sign at the entrance too. I thought I included a picture of it above, but I guess I didn't so here it is >>
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
The picture on the right is of my friends Amy and Theo. The found the giant A and T amusing.

seven >> Bumper cars are sooo fun. We had tons of laughs on them. I was trying to take pictures and drive at the same time. None of my shots were very good but it was funny. I did finally put my camera in my bag, though, and then Theo hit me from the front. My camera fell out of my bag. Couldn't get to it because of the safety belt. Was so scared it would break because it was, like, rolling around on the floor. But thankfully, it was okay. Phew.

eight >> Funnel Cake is yummy! Picked some up on the way out and spent some time eating it. Mmmm.

nine >> This is Deja Vu. I talked about it a little bit in my last entry. Once again, awesome ride. Scary when you look at it though. Not a great picture. Couldn't get the lighting right.

ten >> I got one sunset shot. This was it. Pretty, isn't it?

Those are the ones I liked from my camera. I am waiting for pictures from about 5 of my friends. One of my friends has awesome pictures that he started taking on rides. Crazy guy. But they're cool.

I hate standing in line at amusement parks, but at the same time I love it. Why? Because that's when all the cameras come out and that's when you get the most pictures.

And you have some laughs with friends. My friends are silly. Love them for that.

My neck still hurts. I can barely move it forward.

Six Flags

My body still feels like it's going freefall head-first, my feet are sore, my shoulders and neck and upper body hurt from either whiplashing or the safety bars (or both), my throat is sore from screaming, and I am exhausted, but Six Flags was awesome.

And I finally went on Deja Vu (a boomerang coaster with some freefall action). One thing to cross off my "things to do in my lifetime" list (I made a LO about this and I put this as one of the things to do). That's the ride from where this freefall feeling is coming from but it was just one kickass ride.

Extreme thrills and fun with friends. What more can I ask for?

And with that I am off to bed. Pictures tomorrow.

Oh, and do y'all like my new banner?

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Monkey Business

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Don't laugh! I know I have some monkey action going on here. But I can't draw prettily to save my life! I wish I could draw cool pictures, but I can't! I guess that's why I love scrapping though - you don't have to draw picture - you just snap them with a picture!

This is for this week's effer dare - be inspired by Shel Silverstein. Wow, it really dared me. I wanted to use a poem like almost everyone else, but my old Shel books are no longer with me and my craptacular computer refused to load his site! grrr. So I drew and did a page about how I couldn't draw! Used all B&W papers because that reminded me of Shel.

Also -- picked up the new HOF book yesterday. Only flipped through it so far, but so far, so good...

On a totally unrelated note, I realized that I own a lot of green jewelry...

Friday, August 19, 2005

Random Friday post

I guess Fridays are my random post days?

- I have a rant about Bostom Red Sox fans. I like the BoSox perfectly fine, but I went to the Angels-Red Sox game last night and became so annoyed. I'm not sure if I've mentioned it in the past, but in the field level seats of that stadium, if someone gets up, you can't see a thing. It's annoying. Now the section next to us was filled with BoSox fans, who got up and stayed up and would not listen to ANYBODY not even the ushers. Seriously. It took me everything to restrain myself from yelling out "I came here to watch the F-ing game and now your f-ing big head and certainly not your f-ing fat ass." Ugh. And I thought Yankees fans were bad. Oh well, the Angels scored 10 runs and I've still got a couple of hours to go and get free Hooters wings if I want to...

- My recent LOs have gotten little/no love. I am sad. Okay, so scrapping shouldn't be about that but I'm still sad. Maybe I am in a funk, I don't know.

- I'm sure this week's effer dare will get me out of that. Shel Silverstien (okay did I even spell that correctly?)....wow it has been ages since I thought of him. I don't think I have his books in the house anymore.

- I cleared all of my pictures off the computer and put them on CDs. I haven't done this for awhile, and got a better camera in the process, so it took me 4 CDs for all of them. Sheesh! I take a ton of pictures.

- Bowling so isn't my thing. It's fun sucking at it though. haha. I went on Wednesday. My scores are unmentionably bad. hah.

- Will the NL West please make up their minds? That division is pathetic, but the Dodgers are still buried at 3rd place. But still, there is a chance...

- I found a cool mag. I had a free sub to Tracks, a music mag, which folded and the subscription was replaced by another mag called Paste. Cool stuff man. Loved the cover, flipped through it and looks cool! And it comes with a 23-track sampler CD and DVD. COOL! I've yet to read it but so far, looking good! Check it out >> Paste magazine.

- I wanna banner. I could probably make my own if I figure out the dimensions, but how do I get it up there? Anyone?

Thursday, August 18, 2005


I am a 2Ps addict, but once in awhile I go over to ScrapJazz (usually when 2Ps is down or being an ass) and post some LOs. Did that last night, posted a couple of LOs, including the LO I did for effer dare #3.

That LO got selected for their LO of the day. WHOA. I am speechless. Wow.

I would not have known this if SJ didn't e-mail their praise coments to me. This girl was like "Congrats on LO of the day" and I was like 'HUH?!" haha.

Ended up doing a lot more today than I anticipated. First went to lunch at Chipotle with a few friends, then we walked around a mall, then we went to Louis (my ex from 5 years ago if anyone finds that interesting)'s house...played DDR. That's always fun and a nice workout. Came home, had dinner (mom made tacos! Today must be my Mexican food day) and went bowling. I suck, it's not my thing. I think my score was like 86 for my first game and like 48 or something for the second. So sad. Then we went to my friend Amy's, we played Cranium, my team won (love that game!) and now I am home.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

I scrapped yesterday!

I am going to have to change my little sidebar of reading pleasures over there >> because I just realized that half the links are wrong/don't work because I put .com twice. Whoops, I'm such an idiot.

Anyways, I scrapped yesterday! Whoo hoo!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
This one was for this week's garden challenge - scrap a LO in 8 minutes. WHOA. I usually spend an average of an hour doing a LO so this was a challenge. I do have this bucket on my desk where I throw in small paper scraps, ribbon scraps, etc. so I just grabbed my materials out of there. I think I spend most of my time measuring and cutting (I'm too cheap to buy a damn paper cutter!). Anyhow, I went a couple of seconds over 8 minutes because I was finishing the journaling. I think I spent too much time looking for the "G" stamp. hah. But, not bad for 8 minutes right?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
This next one was inspired by a Neutrogena ad. I was going through and flipping through my giant, neverending stack of magazines and came accross an old Allure. I'm sure this ad was in other magazines, it's the one for the Healthy Skin Enhancer. It had curvy lines of foundation intersecting each other. Found that so cool. It ended up looking nothing like the ad, but I still think it's cool!

A week and a half to go til school starts. BAH! I have plenty of fun planned til then though. Bowling today (?), Angel game tomorrow (yay for neighbors with ticket packages), Dodger game on the 24th (I think), Six Flags on Monday, Irvine on Thursday....

Monday, August 15, 2005

Two weeks left

California seriously has had weird weather lately. The mornings are cold. Okay, cold here is like 65 degrees. But it's summer! I do like lounging in my comfy sweats though. There were thunderstorms and lightning last night around 2:30. Whoa.

I had a nice weekend. Got to hang out with some dear friends. That is always fun!

Did my Effer Dare. Did this John Mayer one and ended up using one of his songs! I still wanna do one based on the Blink CD though so we'll see if I'll come up with another one....

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I honestly think these dares are bringing out some of my greatest work. Seriously, these things get your creative juices going like whoa.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Friday post

Just things on my mind today -

- I went to my LSS today and I came home disappointed. This was my first time in a month,so I was expecting SOMETHING new, but nooo. Nothing. I'm sure they got new stuff but it was probably stuff I'm uninterested in, like Disney crap, which is ugly. I'm getting kind of frustrated at this place because they have an aversion to anything trendy or something. hahah. They'll carry a trendy brands here and there but it won't be the trendy items from that brand. Argh. I like the place because the people are nice, but still. I think I'll have to find another place to satisfy my obsession. Of course, if I wasn't reading scrap mags or playing at 2Ps all the time, then I wouldn't really care, but now I'm on the verge of crossing into absolute obsession. haha. I did, however, end up buying 10 sheets of paper and some Bazzill (I wanted some green, inspired by Kristi and all the green CS I had here was ugly greens).

- So I think I'm sort of my funk now. I cranked out 3 LOs yesterday. All are at 2Ps but my favorite is this - for effer dare #2.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
It's about my feminism. Well how I became a feminist because of my women's studies/history class. I used hidden journaling simply because I ran out of space. hah.

- Now I gotta get started on my #3, which is a kickass dare made up by Missy. I immediately though John Mayer's Room for Squares for this one because everytime I look at how the broken up squares of the photo, I think "I should do that." But I found my Blink CD and I remembered that I wanted to utilize that on a scrapbook LO sometime too.And my Maroon 5 CD has cool colors. So maybe I'll try to do multiple LOs for this dare this week. hah.

- In baseball news, anyone see that collision of Beltran and Cameron yesterday? Ouch. That was ugly. Also, anyone see that stupidass who jumped into the net the other day? And I thought Dodger fans were dumb. And I present to you my Baseball Bias article. I procrastinated majorly for that thing.

- Two of my friends came home from Berkeley today. Yay! Going to be lots of fun. My other friend is also coming home for a couple of weeks from a stint in Kosovo with the army.

- I can't figure out how to get Blogger pictures to work, so that's why I'm using Photobucket still. The toolbar with all the extra stuff like the images won't show up for me for some odd reason and I can't figure out how to get it so this is easier. hah.

- I finished Harry Potter. Actually, this was back on Tuesday or so. The 6th book was good, but it's not my favorite out of the series. All I can say without spoiling anything is that the 7th book is going to get interesting. Can't wait! When does that thing come out anyway?

- I re-discovered my free stuff forum today. I forgot how fun free stuff was. haha. I was depending on my LJ community to get free stuff but the forum is so much better. I should go back and visit it regularly again. Free stuff rules.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Blue heaven on earth

I got the saying from a fleece blanket the Dodgers were giving out one year. The game was not pretty (ugly ending and therefore a loss), but Dodger stadium is beautiful as always. Love that place (except for the idiots that you sometimes come across).

Anyhow, being the scrapbooker/wannabe photographer I am, I ended up taking something like 75 pictures. So I thought I'd share....

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Ah....sunsets. I love them. I love taking pictures of them. And sunsets at the stadium = gorgeous. So of course I'm taking pictures of them.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
This I took at an outing to the stadium a couple of months ago. This is even more prettier. Our seats were a little more higher-up and the sun didn't sink into the background so quickly...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
The famous Dodger dog. Yummmmm. Actually, they're not as good as they used to be but I still heard that they're sitll ranked as the no. 1 stadium dog. hah. They ARE pretty darn good!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
This shot of the field looks cool. Something about the lights? I don't know. Love the field, always looks so pretty! I hate that the railing is in the way though. Bad angle them seats were in....

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
This is how far my zoom travelled. Not bad, but the pictures I used a lot of zoom didn't come out that great. This is okay, I guess. Meeting at the mound. God, our bullpen is just awful.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Yep, THINK BLUE y'all!!!! I've been trying to get a decent picture of this sign forever and I finally got it. hah. It helps that we parked right in front of it!

Game was fun. They're always fun. It was a good game until the 9th inning, when our kid closer fell apart once again. How many times has this happened lately? I've lost count of how many leads the bullpen has given up. Pisses me off argh. Well, at least I know what to write for my article today....

Monday, August 08, 2005


For some reason I am tired and thirsty. My head also hurts for some odd reason. Weird. I also have an annoying canker sore inside my mouth that is killing me. Yuck. They're evil. I hate those things with a passion. Hopefully, it'll disappear in the next couple of days.

Today, I went to lunch with a couple of friends. Japanese food. Chicken teriyaki and tempura. Yeah, I'm Japanese but I can't remember the last time my mother made tempura and we hardly have chicken teriyaki at home because my dad doesn't eat chicken. haha. So I think everytime I go out to a Japanese restaurant, I send up getting something with tempura or chicken teriyaki in it. lol. I want some really good sushi though....even though I had some a couple of weeks ago.

Haven't been online much in the last couple of days. Which is a change because I'm ALWAYS online. hahaha. Haven't really been home either.

Yesterday, we had a family picnic. Well it wasn't a family picnic. They have these clubs (I guess you call them clubs) of immigrants from various Japanese prefectures that live in the L.A. area. Each year, they have picnics. I guess I call them family picnics because our family goes. We bring our own food (although they grill burgers and hot dogs and provide sodas and stuff), they usually have games and door prizes too, and a mochi toss at the end. Our family kind of forgot about the games and by the time we realized they were doing it, they were like over. haha. Mochi toss is fun. They have this stage, which they use for boring entertainment the rest of the day. They put the VIPs up on stage with these cases of mochi and they throw it out to the crowd, who then catch them. Well, mostly they fall on the ground. It's hilarious because this is when old people get vicious and start hitting, scratching, kicking you....hahah. My cousin's pregnant wife handed me an umbrella that you put on food to keep the bugs off, and ran off so I caught a bunch using that. But everyone was laughing at me. 'Twas fun. I actually brought the camera to this family gathering, but I was too lazy to take pictures. Yep, I suck.

My aunt gave me free Dodger tickets but I'm having trouble finding people to go with me. PSHAW. hahah. Then again I've only asked like two people and they have to work, so. I think I should pick up the phone and dial.

My scrapping mojo has gone and run away. I don't think my pictures are inspiring me much either. I should go print more out, but I'm waiting for my friend to give me a bunch off her camera from when my mom took my camera to Japan. Lots of cool beach pictures, birthday pics and other cool stuff in that batch. Half the time, I was taking pictures on her camera anyways. I thought it was the coolest camera ever, until I got the same thing but a higher model. hah. I must get it back NOW, because I have to come up with something super-cool for this week's effer dare!!!! I have sort of an idea what to do though...just sort of. I've also lagged in a couple of challenges I'm in and have a CJ due on Wednesday. I still haven't even picked my theme!! AHHH

Oh, and I finally got my hands on a copy of Harry Potter. All-night reading sessions, here I come! Maybe not tonight, though. lol. J.K. Rawlings has the amazing ability to lure you into her imagination and keep you there. That woman is brilliant. I wish I had her imagination, then I would be writing fiction. Unfortunately, I can't write fiction to save my life because of the fact that I have no imagination for it!

This is my Baseball Bias article of the week. Basically, a rant because I'm pissed that they didn't make any moves at the trading deadline and the G.M. is saying they still can win. Uhh, I think not!

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Time flies

One of my magazines today came with a "give a gift for the hilaidays!" card. I was like "WTF, it's only August." Thinking about it, though, this year is just flying by. Sheesh. It's already the 4th of August and I'm sitting here going, "where has time gone?" And I'm feeling pissy at myself because I feel like I've done nothing significant to better myself and blah blah blah. Oh well, I've sitll got 4 months left, right?

I'm also not looking forward to time flying because in 25 days I'll be starting school again and I still have to add 2 more classes or something like that. I'm not really looking forward to this semester. I have to take my science and math classes now which I HATE and no more fun classes (like women's history!). There are a bunch of classes I want to take still (i.e. Men&Masculinity/Hugo classes, an ethnic studies class, photography.......I could really go on and on with this) but if I did I'll end up being at PCC for like 5 years and I just want to get out and transfer my ass out. I can always take them over the summer or something even after I transfer, anyways.

I really shouldn't be in newspaper this semester either, because then my schedule would be easier to build. But I can't quit right now because I already told them I'll come back and be opinion editor again and so too late. Oh well. Well, I need the stuff for my portfolio anyways. I hope I can sort of go out and write some kickass stuff this semester instead of the same-'ol.

Speaking of transferring, I'll have to start filling out them applications in November. Not looking forward to it. This is the crappy part about going to community college. Sure, I've felt it was easier to start over here and gotten kickass grades because of it, but I have to do them applications for the second time now. Yuck.

Hmm...just went to go check my grades for summer, and although it's not giving it to me because it's being an ass, I did make the dean's list.....but why the hell isn't it giving me my anthro grade?!?!

Today is Thursday. Which means I should start writing about the Dodgers NOW instead of scrambling to do it tonight, right? I pretty much know what I'm going to write about, anyways, since the trade deadline passed over the weekend and the Dodgers GM refused to do anything to improve the team. PSH.

I have lost my scrapping mojo. Someone go help me find it. I've sat down at my desk feeling like creating something and haven't been able to. Or you can hand me a new one ;)

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

I miss the days...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

*Sigh* The above picture was taken at the beach almost exactly two years ago. Don't we look happy? It was during the summer between high school and college, and our big get-together before everyone went their ways.

I miss those days. The days when everyone got along and life seemed a lot simpler.

I was at my friend Julie's hosue on Saturday, along with my friends Christian, Jenny and Nora. Julie took some short videos and a bunch of pictures on her digicam at that outing, and made sort of a slide show/video on her computer shortly after it. We were at her house, she was playing with her laptop and hooked it up to the TV and we watched the video. Made me feel all fuzzy inside but also a little sad.

When you grow up and everyone goes their separate ways, I guess it's only natural that people do start growing apart. Nothing can stay the same forever. I still hang out with pretty much the same group when they come home, I go visit them once in awhile....I've made friends in college and have other high school friends I go to school with but somehow I go back to these buddies. I've written about them here before. Something about them is just different, something just clicks. It's hard to explain, but we're a unique bunch.

Anyways. Back to everyone getting along. Two in that picture were a couple - Tony and Nora. Their relationship had a bad, complicated ending and they no longer speak to each other. Nora still hangs out with us. I dunno but we were much closer to Nora and she just ended up being a part of the group still. Tony sort of just ended up getting shunned. Not on purpose, but he's not there on our group get-togethers. I still hang out with him sometimes, but alone. It's different.

Next. This is what makes me sad. There's Howard. Howard and I were cool. Howard was gay, but we pretended to be all lovey-dovey (an act, it was amusing). We were close enough. Anyways, Howard took off to the Navy about 6 months after graduation. he stayed there for about a year, and then he started having problems. Around March, I received a suicide note from him. It was fucked up, I was freaked out, as was other friends, and it was just a horrible situation. He ended up not going through with it. Around May he was discharged (underage drinking, but he suspects its because they found out he was gay).

After he came back, it was starting to become impossible. Drama ensued everytime we did something and he was around (example: my birthday and he took something the wrong way and getting pissed at some people). People started to find him kind of annoying. He became a drama king, getting drunk all the time, being arrogant, a know-it-all etc. Just bad shit you don't want to be around. Anyways. Me, Julie and Jenny still tried to be his friend. Not working. He posted entries in his LJ about how he couldn't relate to his friends anymore. In our heads, we were thinking "well, no wonder, you kind of did it to yourself."

A couple of weeks ago, Julie wanted to play Trivial Pursuit at her house (she just bought it) with us. I invited Howard. Somehow he felt like Julie had something against him. We were like WTF. Tension was starting here.

And a couple of days ago, he posted a LJ entry. It said something about how his high school friends (us) were now living in the shadows of his life, and how they were just throwing something away. But he wasn't worried because they would realize they missed him and come running back to him and because he was so "charming and outgoing" he could go ahead and make new friends. That was the last straw. The fact that he could be so fucking arrogant just put us over the edge. The fact that he had the NERVE to say that just really pissed us off. We're done with him.

How did someone so cool turn into this psychotic arrogant bastard? It's sad how a great friendship like that turned into this. Just sad.
So yeah. I miss the days when everyone got along. Things were so much simpler and happier in those days....