Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Slowly picking myself up + pic post

I'm better. Not quite over it but way better. I don't know....I was high on anticipation and optimism the past two weeks, and now it's all gone. I don't know how to explain it - but the bounce in my step is gone.

Anyways, on a happier note -

- I don't think I updated about how the game went, you know, my hot date with my friend Elaine. It was fun - but we got lost in the parking lot because we had no idea where we parked. We were walking around and circling for an hour. That's what we get for getting there late and having to park far, I guess. The Dodgers won and it was a great game, so that's all good.

- I finally got a memory card for my new camera. I'll be rocking it tomorrow, since we are taking a little outing to the Huntington Library, this museum/garden around here. It's free admission day (normally $12!) and it's beautiful there (so I hear, I've NEVER been there) and that'll call for plenty of photo opportunities.

- I'll be going to my aunt's house in Arizona this weekend. I'll probably be back Sunday night? I think..

Oh, and here are some pictures from my visit in San Diego last weekend! These are all from my old camera...

We got there Friday around noon....traffic wasn't too bad. Saw my friend Amy's condo for the first time - it's soooo nice! She just moved in a week or two before we came.

After settling in, we went to lunch then took off to the beach - after all, that's what we went down there for! The water was freezing but it was a nice beach!

Image hosted by
Elaine, me, Nora (I have no idea why she's cracking up like that), Judy. We seem to be the hanging out together this whole summer so far...

Image hosted by
Elaine, Amy, me, Nora

Image hosted by
Amy and me

Image hosted by
I like this silhouette effect here.

Image hosted by
Judy and me

Image hosted by
Palm trees!

Image hosted by
Shadow picture....mine looks fat. I don't know why. Oh well.

Image hosted by
We built this village thing complete with these tunnels....then we stomped on it and destroyed it.

After going back to Amy's place, showering, and primping, we went to dinner with Amy's boy, Garrett to a Korean BBQ place...yum. Then we went back to Amy's place, baked some cookies and ate them with ice cream (sort of like BJ's pizookies). They were divine. Then we started to play some Simpsons Monopoly...

Image hosted by
Flaunting my property. I had Park AND Boardwalk and eventually put houses on them but no one landed on them :( grr.

Image hosted by
Nora with hers....nora and i were winning at the beginning (we had most of the property) but somehow Judy made a monopoly, made us all broke and won. grrr.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005


i just copy & pasted this from my LJ because i didn't feel like re-typing out the thing....

it's amazing how when you're on a high from anticipation, how quickly that can come crashing down. it's horrible, horriblle luck and a crappy reversal of fortune. and that sucks. majorly.

my hot date with the boy ended up being a hot date with my friend elaine. why? he somehow found himself a girlfriend in the past week or so. therefore, our plans could not go through because "it would be a bad idea." i guess it's not his fault though because he was clueless to the fact that i was interested. he still is. it was awkward and quite fucked up. he kept apologizing which made it even more awkward. all that i could get out of my mouth was "it's okay" but i wasn't okay. i was in a state of shock but somehow ended up having an almost hour-long conversation with him on the phone. not sure how that happened, and i'm still not sure how i managed to not burst into tears then. it wasn't until a while later when i finally did break down.

i don't think i've ever really cried over a guy before. not when relationships went sour, not even when greg moved to maryland that one summer. yet this time, i just couldn't help it.

i'm not angry ... just heartbroken. i can't be angry. he wasn't a jerk about it (although, he could've called and let me know earlier instead of the night before but that's another story). i'd like to stay friends (okay, in his mind, nothing went wrong) but first I have to get over this. he's a nice guy (probably was too nice), we have stuff in common and so I don't see any reason why not. i just have to let my heart heal first. and i will.

i hate being vulnerable....

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Taking the camera for a spin!

My mother came home from Japan on Wednesday. Our old digital camera broke, so she brought home a new one - A Canon Elph SD400. A bunch of my friends own an Elph, so I joined their club. haha. I love it.

I went out for dinner, a movie and some karaoke last night so I took the camera out for a spin. I was only able to take about 10 pictures because my memory card only houses 16MB worth of pictures at the moment. I have to go and purchase a new one, like, very soon because I love to go out and take tons of random pictures.

Anyways, I decided to share -

We went to eat at Market City Cafe, a place in the mall. It was okay. We were originally going to get some Middle Eastern food (that stuff is sooo delicious) but we had to pick up our friend who lives closer to the mall, where the theater is, anyways so it would've been like going back and forth if we went to the MIddle Eastern place. So we just at at the mall....

Image hosted by
My attempt at being artsy. It didn't quite work out though. lol.

Image hosted by
My friend Marylou and I

Image hosted by
My buddies Linda, Victoria and Elaine

Image hosted by
We ran into my other friends at the mall - they watched the movie at the same time with us. Albert, Sara, Ashley and Cristin.

We saw Mr.&Mrs. Smith. What an awesome movie! It was funny, clever and you can't help but drool over Brad Pitt's hotness. If you haven't seen it yet, well, go do sow. I command you!

We then went karaoke afterwards. I belted out some teeny-bopper anthems (by BSB, Britney and the like) and some of them Japanese tunes that I've sang in Japan. The boys that were with us kept singing Usher.

Image hosted by

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Henry singing Usher. I don't remember what song.

Friday, June 10, 2005

My semester is over!

By walking out of my marriage & family sociology final yesterday morning, my semester is finally over and done with.

I only slept two hours Wednesday night. I was studying for my women's history final, which scared me, even though it really wasn't that hard. I just had to go through all the books and mark them up with Post-its and such since it was open book but not open note, and we had to quote from the books. I was up until 3 doing that and then went to sleep and woke up at 5 to start again. The final was at 8 in the morning. Whoever comes up with the finals schedule must be on crack because they schedule a final for an 8:50 class at 8 a.m. What kind of mofo expects me to be fully functioning at 8? I did it in high school, but I was still half-asleep in class anyways.

I've declared O-zone - Dragsotea Din Tei as my study anthem. It's a Romanian club song, supposedly a gay anthem according to my gay friend. haha. It's pretty funny and it's really catchy. It kept me going when it came on last night.

I think I did okay on the final, but I hope I did well enough to earn me an A. I have this perfectionism complex going on for that class, or any other class I've taken from that teacher because I think he's the coolest ever. I ended up running out of time, like I've done for every other in-class final for his classes. I also hope that my answer was coherent and sufficient.

Sometimes, I just think too hard.

My sociology final was just eh. I still couldn't find my book but I did what I can.

Final thoughts on the spring 2004 semester -

- It was most definitely a busy one. Editing for the opinion page definitely took up most of my time and energy but definitely not enough to not make me want to come back. I will be back to the Courier next semester. I think the experience was interesting and worth it though, and I hope it's something that'll take me places in the future.

- It was sort of tough. Women's history was tough, but it definitely had to be my favorite class by far. (I should post about it someday). I had Hugo for the third time now and I have to say he's one of the best. I can't stop raving about his classes.

- I met cool people. I hope I keep in touch with at least some of them. Oh yeah, and I got to know the boy better. That was the greatest.

Okay, I have no idea what to write...haha.

I went ice skating again yesterday. it should be my weekly workout. I fell on my ass twice but I'm not bruised and I'm not crippled! Oh, and I landed my salchow. Sort of. hah.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

God, I'm old. This is the birthday post, yo!

Geez. I'm in my 20s. You know how weird it is to say that, let alone believe it?

I can't say that I'm glad or sad that I'm not in my teens anymore. It wasn't hell like some people, it was actually pretty good, but I'm looking forward to what's ahead, although, in a way that's sort of scary. I've got college to finish, a job to get, and possibly a marriage and kids? Or that may be in my 30s. Wow, in 10 years I'll be in my 30s. Whoa. That's even weirder.

Anyways, the point is, there's so much the future can hold. I'm looking forward to it, although I'm a little apprehensive about it.

The teenage years left me with a lot of treasured memories, though. It had it's ups and downs, but I have to say that it had more ups than downs for me. For some people, it's a tumultuous time, but for me it wasn't. I was quite a normal teen, and did have some problems, but not many. Compared to those around me, I did have it kind of easy. But the times I choose to remember are those filled with happiness and laughter.

I kicked off my celebration a day early - starting with yesterday. I had a huge get-together at Macaroni Grill, which ended up being a lot larger than anticipated. I let some people do some of the inviting out of my own laziness, and WHOA. haha. I also didn't know who was coming for sure. I made a reservation for 15, I ended up having over 20 and we had to start a new table.

It was sort of cool though - my high school friends got to meet my college friends. Or some of them, anyways. For my high school friends, I have two groups, and they sort of got to reunite with each other (they all know each other, but not well). So that was kind of fun.

I got lots of cool presents too! A Dodger bear from Build-A-Bear, Roxy flip-flops, a gift set from Bath&Body Works, a thong (hah), 2 of the same halters from GAP (but in different colors, so it's all good), a set of notecards, an hourglass, a purse, and a knitting kit. Cool stuff!

Afterwards, about half of us went to my friend's Mark's house (or rather, his garage). We played pool, poker and Smash Brothers, which I suck at. It was all fun though.

I'm going to celebrate tonight with my friends in Irvine (down in the OC). They plan to intoxicate me...that's going to be interesting. haha.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Ice Skating

I went ice skating yesterday. It was a great workout and now I am crippled. My knee is also bruised and so is the area where my boot would dig in.

I did figure skating for about 4 years, from when I was in about sixth grade until the middle of freshman year in high school. I actually became interested in the sport much earlier, when Kristi Yamaguchi won the Olympic gold in 1992. I was mesmerized. Kristi quickly became my idol. Not only was she an amazing skater, she was Japanese American – just like me – and I thought that was cool.

I begged my parents for lessons, but they wouldn't let me take them (figure skating is a ridiculously expensive sport). They did, however, take me to the rink for the first time when I was about 7. I was shaky at first, grasping onto the railing, but quickly adjusted, and was soon gliding around speedily towards the center of the ice. I loved it. I was totally jealous of the girls in the middle, practicing their moves. I wish I could do them. Nonethelss, I had tons of fun.

When I was 11, I met a guy, Carl, through my mom's friend. Carl was a skater and he offered to take me and teach me. So, every Wednesday, I went to the rink and starting learning the moves. The beginning was boring, I wanted to get to the spins and the jumps as quickly as possible, but one must master the fundamentals before jumping into the fancy stuff. I went through this quite quickly, but looking back, I wish I would've spent more time on the fundamentals. Some of my edging is weak, and I still have trouble with some of the turns and such because of that. Maybe because I only get to skate sporadically, but if I think that if i had paid more attention to them, they would be easier, even now.

Soon after though, I was learning my first jump, a waltz jump, consisting of a half revolution in the air. I don't remember much about the first attempts – and I don't remember being scared at all. I think I just took off and went for it. I can't remember if I landed it or not, but soon enough, I was doing multiple jumps in a row. I went on to other jumps, the toe loop and the salchow (unfortunately, I didn't attempt much beyond that). I started spinning, but I wasn't that great at it - I kept spotting and that slowed me down tremendously.

I never made it to competing. In a way, that's a good thing, because competiting is so time-consuming and expensive. In a way, I wish I would have competed, because it seems thrilling and exciting. I also loved performing, and this would have given me a chance to shine in the spotlight.

I'm not exactly sure why I quit. I was tired because of starting high school, and so I slowly stopped going, but looking back, I did have time to continue. I regret not doing just that. It would've kept me occupied, and besides, skating is such great exercise.

Nowdays, I only skate once every couple months. Or so. Everytime I do go skating, I try to see what I can still do, and sometimes, that means falling and landing on my poor ass. I can still do my waltz jump and my toe loop. Sort of. I still love being on the ice, though. Every time I'm at the rink, I'm instantly refreshed by the cool air and just making my way accross the ice. I still, of course, still love to watch the sport also. I adore Michelle Kwan and Timothy Goebel, among others.

One day, I will get back into skating....I just don't know when that will be.