Saturday, May 28, 2005

My friends came home!

I always sound like a lame loner when I say that, but there's nothing like when all your good 'ol buddies from high school come home. Because, well, there's no one quite like them, in my opinion.

It's not like I don't have friends for the rest of the year, because I still hang out with the friends from high school that go to PCC with me and I've also got my newspaper crew.

But there's nothing like the times we's quite hard to describe. I have no idea how. We always have a ton of laughs and great moments...and we always seem to pick up right where we last left off.

They only come home a couple of times a year (most definitely summer, Thanksgiving and Christmas, plus some other times along the way), but the time that I get to spend with them when they are home are one of the moments that I cherish most.

I don't know how it's going to be when I transfer and I'm going to be coming home all the time...that's going to be interesting, I suppose.

Anyways, yesterday, here's what we did: we went to dinner with a party of 20+. Our group is known for huge get-togethers....there's like a "core" group and other people come and we have fun reminiscing and catching up with each other....I noticed that we talk a LOT about school more than anything else.

Afterwards, about half of us went karaoke-ing. It was cheap - you had to buy two items off their menu (it was in this Asian cafe place) and then it was free. So we were there for about three hours for $6. We had tons of fun belting out lame teeny-bopper songs (what was really lame was that most of us knew all the words without looking at the screen) in our really horrible, ear-deafening singing voices. I did "Baby One More Time," "Genie in a Bottle," "Candy," and "Breathe" by Michelle Branch, which isn't teeny-bopper. hah. It was a blast!

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Greedy is my middle name

I’m quite greedy and my 20th birthday is coming up in less than two weeks. So, like I do every year before my birthday or Christmas, I decided to work up a long-ass wish list…

-Dodger tickets are always great. Just don’t buy pavilion seats please. Because a bunch of fucktards sit there.

- I need new Dodger apparel. Well, tops, since the one I have is of Shawn Green and he now plays for the D’Backs. The one shirt I want is the raglan-sleeved three-quarter tee with the blue sleeves and saying “Dodgers” across the front. Something like this. Not quite, but close enough…the one I’m thinking of should be available at the stadium…

-A jersey would be nice too!

-Scrapbook stuff! A gift certificate to my favorite local scrapbook store (okay, I mostly go there because it’s the closest to me). Stuff from KI (paper and the icicle stuff), SEI (from Spring, Beatnik Boy, Be Bop, Hippie Chick lines + Perservation albums), Chatterbox, Basic Grey (from the Lollipop shoppe), Autumn Leaves( Foofala, MOD), Gin-X (Anyone, Anyone & Flyby lines), Wild Asparagus, American Crafts stickers (thisor this), Doodlebug(Just my Type stickers), DieCuts With a View Retro Stack. And cute embellishments and such that I'm too cheap to buy!

- I need a new Starbucks card....

-This top .. from GAP. In brown (it's at the stores), preferably.

-Cute clothes in general!

-Gift cards! Old Navy, Gap, TARGET!, Sephora, Express, Forever 21....

I can't think of anything else right now, but I've exhausted my energy...

Monday, May 23, 2005

Grey's Anatomy

I must say that Grey's Anatomy is one of the best shows I've ever seen. Too bad its season finale was tonight, and we won't see it for another 5 months or so (I did hear that ABC renewed it for another season, though...). Boo.

Reasons I like the show -

- There's an Asian in one of the main roles. Really, Asians are quite invisible when it comes to media. So when someone's in a leading role (ESPECIALLY on T.V.), that's big for me. And I must say, Sandra Oh's character is great.

- It's got the perfect mix of romance, comedy and drama. I'm not big on the medical shows, but this is about so much more than that. It can be funny one moment and heart-racing the next. It's got sex and it's got the life-and-death moments.

- The funny moments are really funny. I mean, come on, walking around with a severed penis all day? (I think that was the funniest in the whole show so far).

- I really like the characters.

- It's got heart.

The finale itself was good. Who knew Sheperd had a wife? That left me hanging. The other thing that left me hanging was what Christina was going to do with her baby. I was surprised to not see her bring it up to anyone else since the whole episode was centered around secrets. I thought George having syphilis was pretty funny too, and when Alex was examining him, I really thought someone was going to walk in on them. The scene where George was supposed to get the shot of penicillin up his ass, and ended up having that done with three girls in the room was also hilarious. The sex ed scene was also pretty funny.

I can't wait for the season opener...

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Wednesday chaos isn't that chaotic around here today, but as I sit here waiting for a photo illustration that would complete my page (Ive actually been in great shape early!), I wanted to reflect on the chaos that we see here every Wednesday, a.k.a. Producation Day.

When you have your own page to design, you can definitnely appreciate the beauty of deadlines, although you yourself never feel like sticking them. Of course, I feel like a hypocrite when I say this, because I am as guilty as the next person (and especially editor) when it comes to getting stories in on time.

But when stories come in late, that sets me back because I end up having a hole on my page, and there is no way in predicting how long the stories I am going to be. Until the stories are in, the hole stays. And as the clock starts ticking, it gets more and more annoying...

I'm as guilty as the next person (and especially editor) when it comes to late stories. But I always get it in, at least by Wednesday morning. But some people don't turn their stuff in until Wednesday afternoon then get upset when they don't see their story in print that next day! Well, you think?! We can't wait all day - the paper is technically due at the printer at 6 p.m.

Page design never quite works out the way you want it to, either. You have to play with elements, move them around and adjust them so that they could fit on the page. Sometimes, this is frustrating. No matter how much I play with it, sometimes it still just doesn't fit. This is when I have to get creative, and put a PSA directing readers to our website, or something like that.

Right now, I'm waiting on artwork for my page. It always seems like that's this thing that takes longest every week. i love my photo illustration person who I always buy to provide art for my page, but sometimes, like right now, I'm done with everything and sit and wait for hours to my illustration to come in.

Today is a pretty relaxed Wednesday. We've had Wednesdays from hell, in which hardly anythign was in, or people kept taking off.

It's all good though when the paper comes out the next day, and everything looks fine...of course, there's never a perfect issue (little typos/grammar erros pop up), but if nothing big is screwy, we're happy.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Idiotic baseball fans

I love being a fan of baseball (and the Dodgers), but sometimes I am embarrassed to be a fan because of some of the idiots I come accross. They just make me want to puke.

There are two kind of fans I absolutely hate - the unnecessarily rowdy ones and the groupie/fangirls.

The first, I come accross all the time at Dodger Stadium. They usually sit in the cheap seats, in the Pavillion (outfield bleachers). The one time I sat in the Pavillion, I could not stand it. Almost all the idiots sitting there only seemedto be interested in chanting "so-and-so sucks," booing people, throwing stuff at people who were in the opposing team's jerseys, throwing around a beach ball and booing when it got taken away and trying to start up a wave. It was close to impossible to pay attention to the game.

They also did a lot of cussing. Now, I am the first to admit that I have a total potty mouth, but never would I consider cussing out an opposing player or team, especially at a stadium. I think the players/teams deserve more respect than that. I was also surprised and bothered when I saw a little 7-year-old kid yelling out "fuck you Barry (Bonds)." A kid like that should not be saying that in a stadium, let alone using that language at all.

The Dodgers came up with a $2 Tuesdays promotion, where tickets would be only two bucks on Tuesday nights. I loved the idea (I'm always broke) and went to the first game it was offered. Well, this past Tuesday, they had it and two fucktard teenage boys jumped onto the field from the Pavillion seats. THIS WAS EXTREMELY STUPID OF THEM. After security got them off the field and arrested them, fans in the area started to boo them and then started to throw trash onto the field. It took six minutes for people to clean it up.

Now the Dodgers are considering cancelling the promotion. It makes me very angry that some fucktard fans have to just ruin it for everyone else. It also just annoys me and embarrasses me that these fucktards consider themselves Dodger fans.

Being a fan of a team doesn't mean that you should cuss out every other player on the opposing team or boo them constantly. It's not about that. Being a fan means rooting your own team on, through thick or thin. Screw the opposite team.

Now the fangirls. They make us female baseball fans look horrible! It always makes me happy when I'm able to impress some guy with my baseball knowledge, because, well, I break the "girls are groupie" stereotype for the knowledgeable female fans in the game. Best compliment I've received was when a guy in newspaper (who was hot HAHA) told me "I think it's hot that you write about baseball." It was nice to know that I could hold my own.

My dear LJ friend is having drama over her journal with a groupie girl. This girl is absolutely psycho. The girl waits for players to come and go from the stadium so that she can ask them for autographs. She comes to the stadium, gets her autographs, and sometimes LEAVES the game. She also gave some player a wedding gift. How creepy is that? If you don't know them personally, you have NO PLACE in giving them a wedding gift!

Do I think certain baseball players are hot? Yes. Do I like to stare at these hot ones? Yes. But is that all I care about? No. There's a reason why I became a fan of baseball and none of that has to do with the fact that certain players are attractive.

I don't care whether or not a player is hot for me to like them. If they perform on the field, then I shall like them!

Fan girls just give us a bad name. It's annoying to have to prove that you're not the stereotypical female fan.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

My Writing Style

I love to write. There's no question about that. I write almost every day, whether it's for the campus paper, magazine or an assignment for a class I'm taking.

With the amount that I write, I sometimes go back and read my work to determine how I write. I was talking to "the boy" about writing and my writing style today, and thought about it some more while working on my autobiography for women's history.

So, here's the lowdown on the way Caroline writes -

I have a simple, straight-forward direct style. I enjoy reading flowery, eloquent prose, simply because I cannot write it to save my life. I really admire those who can. But I'm really better at writing simple prose, and that is probably an asset in the journalistic world.

I argue well through my writing. It's something I can't do while speaking, but I can while writing. I don't consider myself an opinionated person; I'm in the middle on most issues. When I'm forced to argue one way or I do have an opinion, I'm able to support it and back it up.

While arguing, I can be sarcastic and pushy. I guess that's how I get my point accross.

I do write feature stories well, though. I like the creativity that comes along with it. It's not formulaic and you have enough freedom to write pretty much the way you want to.

The one thing I'm terrible at writing is fiction. I just don't have the imagination to come up with a fascinating plot.

I don't do well when I'm given a limit to how little or how much I must write. When I am given a minimum of what I have to write about something I have almost zero interest in, I dislike it because I'm straining for words to fill up space. This is when I run into my worst enemy and weakness - redundancy.

I hate it when I'm given a maximum word count. If you give me something to write about that I'm somewhat passionate about, I can go on and on and write a novel. I've struggled with term papers that give me maximum page counts more than with minimums. Going back and cutting out the stuff I don't need is something I really dislike and have trouble with.

My best writing is done usually under pressure. It's not always the case, but I am generally happier with my last-minute writings, only because I don't have time to worry about whether or not it's good enough.